Football Manager Live screenshot
Football Manager Live screenshot

Tom Orry, Editor - Football Manager Live, PC
I've more or less given up on doing anything in my free time other than playing Football Manager Live. After insisting that a youth setup wasn't for me, I've just spent a small fortune brining in about 16 15-18-year olds. The way buying unsigned players works is that you just bid the wage you're prepared to pay (usually no more than £1k), and then also pay the transfer fee (usually not much) to make him yours. I spotted a very promising 16-year-old striker who already had strong finishing and composure stats, and appeared to be nippy too. Not really thinking about it I bid £10.5k, just to make sure I got my man if someone came in with a high bid. I didn't expect it to be anywhere near that high, and didn't think any more of it. To my horror, James (my own brother no less) had also put in a bid, in his case of £10k, so I ended up signing a completely unproven child on a £10,001 wage - that's more than most of my first team is paid! He better turn out to be bloody good.

Mass Effect screenshot

Wesley Yin-Poole, Deputy Editor - Mass Effect, Xbox 360
All the recent talk of Mass Effect 2 got me so hyped I couldn't help dusting off my copy of the original, installing it to my 360 hard drive and replaying the entire game with my level 40 Infiltrator. I'm motivated in part to refresh myself on the ins and outs of the game in preparation for EA's inevitable ME2 preview event, but also to see if my gushing 10/10 review holds up nearly a year-and-a-half after the event. While I completely agree with the critics (installing it does nothing to improve those lift times or the texture pop-in, the Mako Rover's frustrating as hell to drive and planet exploration is boring), Mass Effect was for me a masterclass in atmosphere. Its 80s sci-fi soundtrack and Bladerunner-esque design pushed all my geek buttons back in 2007, and it's doing it all over again in 2009. I stand by my review: Mass Effect is one of the greatest RPGs of all time, and I absolutely cannot wait for the sequel.

Football Manager Live screenshot

James Orry, News Editor - Football Manager Live, PC
Things are slowly turning around for the Juicy Danglers. A ten match run that has seen the team defeated just once has put them at the top of the All Evening Championship form guide and now in with a great shot of making the play-offs for a place in the Premiership. This run of form began with the signing of Dutch holding midfielder Heitinga, who's provided a great deal more solidarity to the team as a whole. The Youth Team is also going great guns and 18-year old Maxime Lemaire is now regarded as High Profile, a status well above his years. The offers continue to flood in for his services, but I refuse to sell my prize asset. By this time next week the season will be over - here's hoping I have good news to report.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars screenshot

Neon Kelly, Previews Editor - Chinatown Wars, Nintendo DS
Alright, so there's no denying that Chiantown Wars is pretty darn superb. It's funny, it's addictive, and it seems to push the DS to the very limits of what the machine is capable of. However, I'm not entirely convinced that it's the best choice of distraction when you're commuting through Soho. It's quite a stressful game, and dealing with the Victoria Line during Rush Hour is already a pretty fraught experience. Earlier this week I found myself playing an early car-theft mission, while on my way to Oxford Circus. In addition to the game's own time limit, I knew I only had a few minutes before I reached my stop. I delivered the last car with seconds to spare, then dashed off the tube just as the carriage doors were beginning to close; I was so excited that I gave a little fist pump as I got off - and some bloke thought I was trying to punch him. As a result, a little star appeared in the corner of my vision, and I spent the next ten minutes running away from imaginary policemen.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game of the Year Edition screenshot

Sebastian Ford, Video Producer – Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Xbox 360
I NEED to finish this game. I keep going through phases, where I get into it for a few days at a time, but ultimately get demoralised having to constantly hunt my enemies through a labyrinth of underground caves and strongholds. “But Seb, why not just follow the main storyline and get that out of the way?” I hear you ask. A valid question, and I would, but I’m doomed to a life of obsessive compulsion that requires me to do nearly ALL the side missions and search every single crate to feel like I am getting the most out of a game. As a result, I have nearly mastered alchemy from all the bloody rice I’ve found, and yet I’m only level 7 after 38 hours of gameplay. Something tells me that I’m not the most efficient gamer out there.

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Waldron's Avatar


Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 on the 360. Its brilliant! The controls are the easiest to use, beats Halo Wars in my view. I can't see why people moan about the control layout for RTS games on the consoles. Just give it a try and you shall be hailing them with the greatest of feedback ever.
Posted 20:33 on 05 April 2009
Iain_McC's Avatar


I've also been playing a little GTA: Chinatown Wars on DS. It's the first thing I've bought for my DS in ages, and although I'm not too far in yet, it seems like a return to Old Skool GTA, rather than that gritty, realistic rubbish they lumbered GTA 4 with. I don't want to play GTA for gritty realism... You're probably going to laugh, but my favourite feature in GTA:CW so far is the whiteboard in the apartment. Mainly because you can make rude words with the magnetic letters. (Come on, don't try and tell me you haven't done it too!)

I've also been playing a bit of Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment, which is a great addition to the original and a lot of fun now that they've added starbases.

Other than that, I've been playing a little bit of Rez HD and Peggle on XBLA and going back to replay Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic to refresh my memory of it, since I'm adapting it to a screenplay for Script Frenzy this month.
Posted 15:20 on 05 April 2009
nch2k1's Avatar


After having killzone two for two weeks I finally got round to playing it on a marathon all night session. A few hours later with red watery eyes I finally completed it just in time for sunrise and the tweeting of birds. Not that I had the time to take that in as I fell straight asleep after. Still what a fun game, let down by the last boss section imo. Downloaded the POP extra content so hopefully I'll get some time to get into that in the next few days.
Posted 13:40 on 05 April 2009
FantasyMeister's Avatar

FantasyMeister@ bencrosaby

Still addicted to PSU here, heading towards the heady heights of lvl 150 and levelling up my bullet skills.
Posted 12:18 on 05 April 2009
bencrosaby's Avatar

bencrosaby@ Wido

You'll be sorry. Very very sorry Scott.

I played Starfox Command on the DS recently, and I was surprised to find I was enjoying myself too.
Posted 11:41 on 05 April 2009
Rogue_Soul's Avatar


Been tucking into a couple of PC titles recently.

Empire: Total War - AI niggles aside... I'm loving it. Perhaps a little too much as I'm considering changing my name to Arthur... or maybe Napoleon.

I've also fallen back into the bad habit of playing Football Management games, namely FM2009. No matter how many iterations of the same game I've played, taking (or trying to take) SwanseaCity to the Premiership never gets old!
Posted 22:38 on 04 April 2009
Wido's Avatar


I'm sorry guys but I have offically parted with my Wii, for the good cause of it not being active since finishing House Of The Dead: Overkill. Power seem to be sacred within its life span.

So I have now got C&C: Red Alert 3, 007 QoS and SOCOM + offical headset which is good as I needed it. (current one knackered basically). I have been playing Battlefield: Bad Company and WANTED plus PoP of late.
Posted 21:52 on 04 April 2009


Yeh :D Pc version is said to be better, but that is because it is not a port i suppose.But i cant say :)
Posted 15:39 on 04 April 2009
thpcplayer's Avatar

thpcplayer@ renegade

indeed. I have heard from vg's sources pc version is way better . Lol complete it soon, renegade. game is epic!
Posted 15:36 on 04 April 2009
jakeistheman's Avatar


got resedent evil 5 last monday and im determined 2 beat it also some cod and Kz2 mixed in.
Posted 15:29 on 04 April 2009


Oh pc of course mate :P. RPGS ON A CONSOLE! :P boulder dash
Posted 15:29 on 04 April 2009
thpcplayer's Avatar


Originally Posted by renegade
Mass effect
pc or 360 version?
lol i was upto gears 2, chinatown, completed last remnant, hawx, grid, wanted , uncharted and still ! gta 4 and wheelman. I think i will-
gears 2-9.5
last remnant-8
wanted- 6.5
gta 4 - damn 10!
wheelman - 7
alas! just got ninja blade!
Posted 15:15 on 04 April 2009


I am also playing Mass effect for the first time however. I will also be playing World of Warcraft, as well as Fifa 09, and some Killzone 2.
Posted 14:37 on 04 April 2009

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