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We've already taken a look at the 24 games we feel deserve recognition as the best titles of 2012, but now's the time to pick our favourite 10 and, more importantly, crown a single game as's Game of the Year 2012. You can jump straight in to the Top 5 in video form below, or take a look further down the page for the complete top 10.

10. Hotline Miami (PC)

Hotline Miami screenshot

What we said: "You can only be shocked so many times by the brutality of it all, and once you sink deep into the guts of the game, constantly refreshing and restarting every single part of it, you hit that zen-like trance that the best mechanical games always create. Hotline Miami is Super Meat Boy, it's Geometry Wars, it's Trials HD; it's five seconds of action that you can lose yourself in for five hours."

9. Diablo 3 (PC)

Diablo III screenshot

What we said: "It's a dungeon crawler that simply refuses to crawl, and Blizzard has designed a game so taut it lends itself perfectly to those simple ludic pleasures I sometimes worry the industry is quick to forget. Any ounce of fat on the series' bones has been sheared off, leaving you with a game that places you instantly and permanently within its loops of tight combat and expansive levelling economics."

8. Far Cry 3 (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC)

Far Cry 3 screenshot

What we said: "Far Cry 3 shines in its campaign, which is more layered and compelling than any game proffering a power trip through escapist ultraviolence has any right to be... This is a game where its component mechanics are functional and entertaining, but all serve as a chorus to accompany the melody of the game's massive, engaging world, characters and context."

7. XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown screenshot

What we said: "Losing a valued marine is a genuinely sombre moment, enough in many instances to prompt a complete restart. You might be prepared to sacrifice the odd rookie, but it's a good deal harder to carry on when you're saying goodbye to a leader of several missions' standing."

6. Trials Evolution (Xbox 360)

Trials Evolution screenshot

What we said: "Compared to 2009 darling Trials HD, though, the difference with Finnish developer RedLynx's latest effort is that it does a lot more to reassure you that these death-defying leaps, twitchy hops and near-vertical climbs are a perfectible art form as opposed to simple luck or the reward for dogged perseverance. How is it fun? Because the success tastes so sweet."

5. Mass Effect 3 (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, PC)

Mass Effect 3 screenshot

What we said: "Somewhere at BioWare there's an enormous flow chart with every decision branching off in another direction, circles and lines headed every which way, keeping track of how it all slots together. It's a remarkable achievement and it helps make every player's journey feel personal."

4. Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC)

Borderlands 2 screenshot

What we said: "On paper, this sequel reads much the same as the original. But it's not - it's a vastly superior game with a sharper focus, better quests and more enjoyable blasting. Borderlands 2 is a gamer's game, so if you like shooting things, levelling up and exploring every cubby hole across a massive, varied world - if you love games, basically - then it's definitely for you.

3. Max Payne 3 (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC)

Max Payne 3 screenshot

What we said: "It's fair to say that at first you, and Max, find it hard to feel emotionally engaged with the crowded entourage of melts you're expected to protect - but by the time you hit the third act the story has kicked into gear. It's a narrative with a long fuse, but one made perfectly palatable by a superb script that moment-to-moment certainly tops Remedy's creations. When Max laconically observed he had 'the liver of a French goose', I almost stood up to applaud."

2. The Walking Dead (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, iOS)

The Walking Dead - Episode 1 screenshot

What we said: "Whatever choices you made along the way, Telltale's Walking Dead is one of the year's best games, even when it forgets to hand over the controller and let you have a turn."

1. Halo 4 (Xbox 360)

Halo 4 screenshot

What we said: "One fact is clear: this is no longer Bungie's Halo, but much of what made the series such an irresistible proposition has remained intact for this new beginning. Rich, lavish and often spectacular, Halo 4 is an encouraging first effort from 343 Industries and a deserving entry into one of gaming's most beloved franchises. Master Chief didn't need to reawaken so soon, but I'm certainly glad he did."

Do you agree with our top 10? Head through to the Community Game of the Year to find out which game was voted your favourite game of 2012.

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User Comments

altaranga's Avatar


The timing's not right. It'll feel like a knee-jerk reaction to our GOTY list, which it really isn't meant to be.
Posted 00:02 on 02 January 2013
Mintyrebel's Avatar


I don't understand why Game of The Year articles are done before the year is even over. In my humble opinion they should be done in January.
Posted 18:40 on 01 January 2013
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ altaranga

I vote to do it for 2012 anyway :)

I'll vote!
Posted 18:36 on 01 January 2013
Mintyrebel's Avatar

Mintyrebel@ altaranga

I bet you forget what it is by then to :P
Posted 17:48 on 01 January 2013
altaranga's Avatar


I have a new plan for a GOTY thread for the forum next year. It shouldn't interfere with the staff one either. Unfortunately you won't see anything for another 11 months. ;)
Posted 17:39 on 01 January 2013
p0rtalthinker's Avatar


Say what you will, but this is a better list than what we came up with :P. Not sure I agree with Max Payne 3's position, but I do think it should be in the top ten.

Edit: Watched the video. Very nice enjoyed it quite a bit.
Posted 19:23 on 31 December 2012
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ dazzadavie

I think everyone feels like a zombie in the morning ;)
Posted 16:18 on 31 December 2012
dazzadavie's Avatar


Sure this morning it said The Walking Dead Game of the Year. Odd
Posted 16:09 on 31 December 2012
altaranga's Avatar

altaranga@ Clockpunk


And no Battlefield 3?
Posted 16:03 on 31 December 2012
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ Clockpunk

Yeah and Halo 4 is in the top 10 this time at least ;)
Posted 14:57 on 31 December 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ MJTH

@MJTH - not I - for reasons touched upon in the Community GOTY thread. Found Journey to be lacking of... well... any form of gameplay at all, and certainly not worthy of such praise.alas, I think I built it up too much in my mind, for what it was... :-/ - what, no Amazing Spider-Man?!?
Posted 14:49 on 31 December 2012
MJTH's Avatar


I'm not sure if I really agree with what got game of the year this year. My problem with the choice is that I think whilst it certainly is a brilliant game in the traditional sense, but it's not a flawless experience. And I think that this there were a few (2-3) of other games that did things differently from the norm and ended up being better games because of it.

And I am surprised that Journey didn't make the list, because I feel that it was an experience that pushes gaming in a way everyone and anyone can appreciate.
Posted 14:39 on 31 December 2012
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ munkee

Well I would get 20 mins of cut scenes and 5 mins of actual gameplay. It also didn't help these cut scenes were constantly in the middle of the gameplay and I just could never switch off and engross myself in the game.
The combat and enemies were also pretty much the same thing over and over again until towards the end where you get towards the airport hanger.

I think I would love it as a novel but as a game it was just far too long with bland repetive gameplay and it was trying too hard to be different. The makers of the game also put story first and game second quite clearly.

I have bought it on the steam sale mind but that was just for the MP pass etc as that was the only fun I had with the game when I played it on PS3.

Anyway my top 4 were:
Mark of the Ninja
The Walking Dead
Halo 4
Posted 14:39 on 31 December 2012
Ghost5's Avatar


Fantastic list.

My top 3 would probably be:
Halo 4
Mass Effect 3
Nintendo Land (Simply for the Multiplayer goodness)
Posted 14:22 on 31 December 2012
jeffyboy40's Avatar


I totally disagree,MaX Payne 3 WAS the game of the year,with a special mention to the multiplayer which never really had a big community.Ido agree spec ops the line was amazing and should have charted higher
Posted 14:04 on 31 December 2012

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