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The Gunstringer screenshot
The Gunstringer screenshot

It's a simple concept where basic actions are dealt with by moving your hands ever-so-slightly, but it manages to demonstrate how much is actually possible with so little.

Your left hand holds up the marionette, and directs him through the environment by motioning in the right direction. The right hand is given the bulk of the responsibility. Moving your right hand across the screen selects the enemies you want to shoot, which usually results in a frantic jerk to select as much on the screen as possible and then bring your arm up to shoot.

A cover-based shoot-out has Gunstringer taunt enemies by waving his hat from behind a crate, wait for the bullets to thud against the box, then peek out to select the group with a wave of your hand and start firing with that frantic jerk. To move to a different crate you'll jerk your left hand like you're manhandling the strings of a real-life marionette and he'll slide across his crate to meet the next one up ahead. Later you can direct him precisely enough to zig-zag between cannonballs as they roll down a hill, and pick up additional crates of cash that contribute to your end score.

Two difficulty modes are available from the start, or rather the choice between turning "Hardcore Mode" on or off is. But it is a decidedly simple game in the way that Kinect titles inherently are. Hardcore Mode itself seems built less for Hardcore gamers and more for anyone with even the vaguest experience in the stuff of action titles. And with the addition of two player co-op which transforms the game into an on-rails shooter, it's doubtlessly easier.

Beyond the impressively snarky attitude and its gun-happy antics this is still a game built squarely for the Kinect audience. But The Gunstringer still ends up bringing novelty value to a piece of tech that was designed to make gaming novel in the first place, by offering a different way to tackle Kinect altogether.

The Gunstringer is scheduled for release on September 13, 2011 in North America and September 16, 2011 in Europe.

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87Sarah's Avatar


Even if I had a Kinect I don't think I would buy this.
Posted 19:48 on 17 August 2011
strickers66's Avatar


Sounds like a Move tech demo but worse control and loads more character.
Posted 18:11 on 17 August 2011

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Developer: Twisted Pixel Games
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