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Tom Orry, Editor - Unit 13, PS Vita

Unit 13 screenshot

I'm pretty much playing something on the Vita every night at the moment, and the latest game to get a look in is Sony's third-person close-to-launch shooter Unit 13. I'm not going to divulge my opinion just yet, but the way in which the game is designed for a portal device is very interesting. Missions are displayed on a big grid and each is rated in terms of difficulty and length - something that is important when you're considering if you've got enough time to finish something in your 30-minute commute. As a side note, it's brilliant to finally have dual analogue sticks on a handheld. Unit 13 may or may not be the greatest third-person shooter ever, but it certainly feels good to play it like you would any other shooter on a console.

Neon Kelly, Deputy and Features Editor - Kerbal Space Program, PC

Kerbal Space Program screenshot

Abduct Ubisoft's Rabbids, inject them into the creature-builder from Spore, then force them to self-euthanize with the help of a home-made rocket – and by "rocket", I mean "collection of dustbins, filled with petrol". Do all that, and you'll get an experience that somewhat resembles Kerbal Space Program – an in-progress work from Mexican studio Squad.

In theory, you're supposed to carefully build a finely-tuned spacecraft, launch it, jettison parts at the correct separation stage, and then land on the moon – or The Mun, as it's called here. After that, you're supposed to get your little trio of creatures back to Earth safely.

In practice, you tend to spend ten minutes perfecting an asymmetrical, disaster-waiting-to-happen. Then you force your little bunny-things inside, hit the ignition, and then watch in glee as it violently explodes on the launchpad. On occasion, I've managed to launch, scream up into the sky, and collide with the lower half of my ship – the one I discarded a moment earlier, still moving under its own volition. Kerbal Space Program is a game where losing is better than winning, and all the more fun for it.

Martin Gaston, Reviews Editor - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim screenshot

I'm getting a bit miffed that the PC version of Skyrim seems to be miles ahead than its 360 counterpart - the launch of the Steam workshop this week is making it too easy to browse an amazing selection of mods, and the keyboard and mouse crew can even enjoy some whizzy new high-res textures in their version of Skyrim 1.4. Sods.

As for the game, I'm still plugging away in my little corner of Tamriel, steamrolling those Daedric artefacts and acting like a total badass. Dovahkiin doesn't take nonsense from anybody. I'm trying to weigh up whether to cure myself of lycanthropy, too, and while I've never actually used my werewolf abilities for the game I'm torn on giving them up. This is probably a bit stupid.

I'm not liking the Dark Brotherhood quest as much as I thought I would. I've heard the Thieves Guild missions are the best, so I might go and check those out next.

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User Comments

Graboot's Avatar


Started Uncharted 3 this weekend (fun so far) and dipped into Minecraft for the first time in ages - it's all different!
Posted 18:44 on 13 February 2012
MrGloomy's Avatar


@Martin - Indeed, the Thieves Guild quests are probably the best I've had so far. Even though I've heard the Dark Brotherhood quest are a bit weak, I'll still give them a go.

As people can tell, I'm STILL playing Skyrim. I'm desperately trying to get every Daedric artifact, all the masks and do all the guild quests. I've even joined the Bard's College!

As well as living in Skyrim, I've also started a bit of Kingdoms Of Amalur. I don't won't to get too involved into the game yet, but I've made a good start once I've completely drained my Skyrim addiction.
Posted 08:58 on 13 February 2012
munkee's Avatar

munkee@ David_C

I felt the same when I started B:AC. The city is so dense and populated with distractions that it's a little bit too much to cope with at first. In fact, the first hour-or-so of my time with it nearly put me off. But, very soon you'll understand how to traverse it well and it becomes a great experience :) Stick with it.
Posted 08:15 on 13 February 2012
David_C's Avatar


I've been playing Batman: Arkham City this week, only an hour or so in but I'm a little overwhelmed by the whole city at the moment. I'm hoping a couple more hours will get me into the swing of things but it's been ages since I played Arkham Asylum so I've forgotten pretty much everything about the controls and the game.

Also, played a couple of very annoying games on Fifa (arrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh), then turned it off to watch Top Gear.
Posted 20:08 on 12 February 2012


Actually got around to playing MW3 online. I still suck as much as I expected to, but I got a few kills in, so not too bad.

Played Happy Action Theatre with the kids too, so much fun and well worth a download if you have Kinect and kids.
Posted 20:02 on 12 February 2012
Wido's Avatar


MGS HD Collection mostly all this afternoon. I finished MGS2 in the week and now this afternoon into this evening I have finished MGS3 again. Love MGS3 and I can easily play the game over and over.

Just started PeaceWalker, done the intro part, and leaving it there. I shall focus on some other games now.

KoA: Reckoning Been playing it all morning today. Not even scratched the surface regarding the main story, as I have just been doing side quests and exploring, plus finding loot to sell. I can see myself sinking quite a bit of my time into KoA.
Posted 19:44 on 12 February 2012
thedanyrand's Avatar


Finally got Star Trek Online downloaded and patched and now I keep gettin a login server timed out message, seems they really dont want me to play this. I also just tried the demo of QUBE and really liked it. That looks like il be pickin it up later this week.
Posted 19:38 on 12 February 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ squidman

It shall be on! (Come Wednesday or Thursday... :p very busy few days ahead...)

I do like the little avatar Swarmling you unlock :D
Posted 19:30 on 12 February 2012
squidman's Avatar

squidman@ Clockpunk

You won't. Sorry.

(You probably will)
Posted 18:21 on 12 February 2012
87Sarah's Avatar


Skyrim I've not been doing many main quests or major side quests really, I just wander about and see what happens to catch my eye. Before the glitchs stalled my gameplay I did pretty much the same thing, and I kind of wished I'd have done more of the main quest so I guess I should really get on with some proper missions... yeah, I think I'll do that... see ya!
Posted 17:25 on 12 February 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar


Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection - just finishing off 2, which I have enjoyed much more this time around, now I know more of the overall story, both to come and prior to the game. Cannot wait to start MGS3 again...

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record - finishing off the remaining co-op achievements.

Rage - quick run through on Nightmare difficulty, and then a bit of co-op with Ghost5 (hopefully), and... that'd be another game complete. Very much worth the £10 paid for it.

Swarm - got it for half-price, but Martin is the sole competitor on my Friends list. Time to take down some of his placements! :D
Posted 16:29 on 12 February 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


Star Wars: The Old Republic up until the point where the singleplayer experience ran out and the MMO experience turned out to be just like every other MMO experience I've played before. I unsubscribed at that point so probably won't be returning. In its defence, if you love a good singleplayer experience then Sith Warrior is one hell of a ride all the way through to 50, so still worth picking up just for that and subbing for an extra month just to see the ending.

To make up for it I bought Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning for £39.99 and the last 3 days have been RPG heaven, or would be if I could pull Daughter Number One off my 360 (she's got the TDU2 poker bug). She also likes KoA:R, quote: "This is just like Fable."

My future games will all be oldies but goodies, the backlog is such that I need a new shelving unit to hold it all.
Posted 12:48 on 12 February 2012
MJTH's Avatar


Doing the locked levels in DustForce has taken up most of my time this week, they are just soooo hard...

...Also I ate the entire universe in Solar 2 omn nom nom.
Posted 12:45 on 12 February 2012

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