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The Darkness II screenshot
The Darkness II screenshot

If I was a dynamic entrepreneur (and I'm definitely not, for the record) I would look into creating a middlewear solution that automatically created four-player co-op modes for video games. It would be like the foliage-generation SpeedTree, only much better and less about trees. Within a year I'd probably be a millionaire from the licensing fees alone; my development tool would easily be three times the size of Bink. Who even likes Bink, anyway?

If you hadn't guessed: The Darkness II features a four-player co-op mode, called Vendettas. I know it's hard to get excited about a four-player co-op mode but - and ignore your natural cynicism for a few seconds, please - it's worth having a peek at what Vendettas is offering.

It's big, for a start, coming in with its own campaign (of which I played the opening two levels) that criss-crosses with the events of Jackie Estacado's single-player adventure. The exploits of the quartet will be referenced across single-player and Vendettas, which gives Digital Extremes a chance to sidestep and let players explore its world in a slightly different way, and with a much wackier cast.

Your special quartet are samurai assassin Inugami, Mossad super-spy Shoshanna, witch doctor J. P. DuMond and comical stereotype Jimmy Wilson. Here's a line of dialogue from Big Jimmy, a Scottish bruiser with a penchant for boozing and major disdain for the English, which I present to you with no further commentary or analysis: "Go suck yer own feckin balls, ye daft c**t."

I played the game as Jimmy, for the record.

Much of Vendettas is similar to the single-player campaign - a heavy emphasis on dual wielding mixed with gritty executions and wacky powers. You don't get Jackie's powerful demon arms, but each character jaunts around with their own custom Darkness-infused weapon - DuMond sports a mystical staff, Inugami a samurai sword, Shoshanna a shotgun and Jimmy an axe he is rumoured to have found in the woods behind his local pub.

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Clockpunk's Avatar


I noticed the achievements were revealed/leaker earlier today, that suggested something like this.

Yars, I think I shall be getting this Day One - the fist game was a hoot. Terrible multplayer, but this sounds as though it *could* be better... looking forward to the quad-wielding.
Posted 22:07 on 06 December 2011
xenospider's Avatar


the 4 player co-op sound like there version of left 4 dead which i dont think it would work as well as it should but not having jackies powers is not that good of a idea cus IF there is a stealthy mission how would it be done (and i said IF before people have a go) fine that they have there own sort of abilities but i think i would be playing the single player campign more than the co-op
Posted 21:44 on 06 December 2011

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Release Date: 10/02/2012
Developer: Digital Extremes
Publisher: 2K Games
Genre: First Person Shooter
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