Alisa can fly, has chainsaws for arms and can decapitate herself. Cheap?
Alisa can fly, has chainsaws for arms and can decapitate herself. Cheap?

Alisa can fly, has chainsaws for arms and can decapitate herself. Cheap?

The biggest gameplay change is the addition of "Rage". Basically it gives you more power when you're nearly dead. You'll notice it because you start glowing red and your health bar flickers. Console gamers might reckon it's a nod to SF4's Revenge system, but the truth is Tekken 6 turned up first. It's impossible, at this stage, to gauge the impact the system and the new characters will have on balance. Time will tell, as it does with all new fighting games. You'd like to think, however, that Tekken 6 has got a good chance of releasing with one of the most balanced rosters ever seen, given the game made its first appearance in Japanese arcades in 2007, and this home console version is based on Bloodlines Rebellion, the Tekken 6 update released in Japanese arcades in December last year.

Less is known about the net code, perhaps even more crucial to the success of a home console fighting game. Again, we'll have to wait and see, although I have high hopes given Dark Resurrection's net code was solid. I'll be keeping a close eye, since I'll spend most of my time with the game ranking up online. Like in T5:DR, you can gradually fight your way up the ladder offline, if that's your thing. It's a slow, brutal process, but then so it should be. Well, it's slow if you're crap. If you're like me, it won't be a slow process at all.

Bar that, it's pretty much as you were as far as the one-on-one fighting goes. Tekken 6 is, as in the last few versions of the game, heavy on customisation. As you play, whether it's offline or online, you unlock new, ridiculous gear which you can then use to make a mockery of everything that's good in this world. That's right - I've never seen the appeal of dressing fighting game characters up like confused, cross-dressing pandas, but I know some people like doing it. Some even buy fighting games for customisation. Each to their own.

Scenario Campaign is Tekken 6's campaign mode. It's similar to Tekken Force mode from Tekken 3, except with guns, yes, guns, and online co-op. As with Tekken Force, the moves are triggered using the same commands used in the one-on-one arena. Fighters only move in eight directions, the camera is schizophrenic and the auto-targeting system makes you want to tear your hair out. But, and this is a big but, you can play it co-operatively online. At the end of the day, Scenario Campaign is one hell of an extra mode and much more than we're used to in the genre.

Japanese fairy girls FTW!

Japanese fairy girls FTW!

Story and plot's never really been the point with fighting games, and, to be honest, I couldn't care less which Mishima is currently having a paddy or what spiky-haired emo has amnesia, but you have to admire the effort Namco Bandai's put into it with Tekken 6. The Scenario Campaign begins with a brilliantly animated recounting of all the key moments from the very first Tekken right up to Tekken 6. The Scenario Campaign mode itself is packed full of silly MGS4-style in-game cutscenes, typically dramatic Japanese voice acting, and, of course, meek Japanese schoolgirl-sounding skirt-wearing, boob-bouncing females. It's not for me, but for those who spend hours fussing over Tekken cannon, it'll be heaven.

While the release of Tekken 6 is unlikely to knock lapsed Tekken fans out of their fighting game stupor in quite the volume SF4 did so for lapsed SF fans, there will be some who see Tekken 6 as their opportunity to dust off those 10-hit combos and relearn those multi-string throws. The last Tekken game they played may well have been Tekken 2, or Tekken 3, or the divisive PS2 launch title Tekken Tag Tournament (which included the superb mini-game Tekken Bowl). In this sense, Tekken 6 looks hugely promising. Whether hardcore fans will be just as pleased, however, will be the real litmus test.

Tekken 6 is due out for PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 30.

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Tekken 3 was one of my first ps games, me and my buddy used to play every weekend and hang out, those was good times, having a iron fist bloodbath by the fireplace. I live in AU now he is still in WVa U.S.A., and I can't get him to buy a PS3, or XBOX360, Hell, everybody in the states stay broke.

I remember going to Wally mrt and slobbering for a PS2, which I got a year after launch, and got Tekken tag, more bloodbaths took place. It wasn't all good times, But Tekken....yea, that was some of the best.

I would get this for old times sake. Glad they didn't change the formula too much.
Posted 10:06 on 04 October 2009
Helldrunkard's Avatar


I do like the Tekken 6 and it really is Freaking awsome love it,
Posted 18:24 on 02 October 2009
Wido's Avatar


Nice preview.

I like both Street Fighter & Tekken. I'll be getting SSFIV anyway = me brankrupt!
Posted 14:38 on 02 October 2009
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar

Mr_Ninjutsu@ wyp100

Fair point.
Posted 13:03 on 02 October 2009
wyp100's Avatar

wyp100@ Bloodstorm

I'd say 80 per cent of the games I play online are fine. That's about par for the course with fighting games online.
Posted 12:11 on 02 October 2009
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Tekken 5 Dark Res net code was solid? Everytime i go to play it it's always laggy! I want to see the online just like Super Street Fighter 2 HD, the tournament battles and the coin matches (i think that's what they were called?).

I've pre-ordered this and the Hori 3 ps3 arcade stick, going to a friends after the midnight launch on the 30th and preparing for a weekend of tekken, cant wait.
Posted 10:23 on 02 October 2009
wyp100's Avatar

wyp100@ Mr_Ninjutsu

Unfair to answer that at this stage. You'll know by the relative review scores. Although, Tekken 6 is out at the end of the month, and SSF4 won't be out till next year.
Posted 09:36 on 02 October 2009
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar


Wes, which one would be more preferable for a purchase? Tekken 6 or Super Street Fighter IV?
Posted 08:39 on 02 October 2009

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