Syndicate Downloads for Xbox 360

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Syndicate Extended Play

Fortunately for agents Pearson and Gaston there's still no cure for bullets. That makes things easier in this Extended Play of Syndicate.

Publish date Feb 24 2012

Syndicate: First 10 minutes

See what's happening in Syndicate with this 10 minute video.

Publish date Feb 22 2012

Syndicate: Heads-up: February 24

Find out what's going down this week in Heads-up.

Publish date Feb 20 2012

Syndicate: Launch Trailer

Syndicate will be available on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 from Friday, February 24.

Publish date Feb 16 2012

Syndicate: DART 6 Chip Infomercial Trailer

DART 6 is your gateway to the ultimate consciousness. Equipped with a combat ready neural interface, you as an Agent can cause weapon malfunction, induce insanity, and persuade hostiles to switch allegiance.

Publish date Feb 1 2012

Syndicate: 4-Player Co-Op Briefing Feature

An overview of the new gameplay mechanics in Syndicate, plus some useful hints and tips for the 4-Player Co-Op Demo.

Publish date Jan 31 2012

Syndicate: 4-Player Co-Op Demo Trailer

In the 4-player co-op demo, team-up and battle for market dominance and your life as you infiltrate and eliminate the competition.

Publish date Jan 17 2012

Syndicate: Deep-Dive: Co-Op Trailer

Enter an elite squad of 4 Agents, where working cooperatively with your team and an array of weapons and breaching applications is a necessity for success. Learn the basics of co-op here in this deep-dive.

Publish date Jan 9 2012

Syndicate: Deep Dive: Agent Tech Trailer

Dive into the DART technology of 2069 where skull embedded chips are a part of daily life.

Publish date Dec 15 2011

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Technical Specs
Release Date: 24/02/2012
Developer: Starbreeze
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: First Person Shooter
No. Players: 1-4
Rating: BBFC 18
Site Rank: 3,247 949
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