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jackryu -

GameDaily reports that Capcom is confident it'll make money from Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, even after seeing the poor reception the film's received by critics.

And why should Capcom be so confident? The same thing happened with the first Street Fighter movie and it makes millions of dollars in royalties from it each year.

"Critics were unkind to the first Street Fighter movie as well, but that film has been ridiculously profitable for Capcom over the last decade," said Chris Kramer, Capcom's Senior Director of Corporate Communications. "The original SF movie still generates millions of dollars in royalties for Capcom every year, thanks to cable, foreign distribution, home video, DVD and Blu-ray sales. And Capcom would be receiving even more money if that had been a co-production deal!"

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GlitcH's Avatar


I thought the original SF movie was great, then again I was 13 or so.. The plot was incredibly cheesy, not as dark as the cartoon series. All about the money at the end of the day..
Posted 15:40 on 03 March 2009
thpcplayer's Avatar


I will watch this tonight.
Yeah, xboxlive reviews don't mean that much now
Posted 13:30 on 03 March 2009
xboxlive's Avatar


i dont blame them as reviews dont ment nowt that much,if you look at them its just from one point of view.
Posted 11:12 on 03 March 2009

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