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Super Street Fighter IV screenshot
Super Street Fighter IV screenshot

Upcoming Street Fighter IV update Super Street Fighter IV, which will be sold ten quid cheaper than most high profile game releases, is "worth full price", its producer has insisted.

Publisher Capcom has taken some stick for releasing Super as a separate disc-based game.

Despite its cheaper price tag, some have suggested the ten new characters it includes should have been made available as premium downloadable content, and the new online modes and gameplay changes should have been released as free downloadable patches.

However, speaking to at a recent preview event in London, series producer Yoshinori Ono defended the decision, insisting that the game was so big "it had to be a disc update".

"My team and I are well aware of the networked, download era we're in," Ono said. "When we first decided to make Super Street Fighter IV, we weren't going to put so much in this game. But now that we have ten extra characters, and when we thought about what the users really wanted we just had to add so many more different modes, in the end the addition became so big it just had to be a disc update."

Ono, who also revealed that Super Street Fighter IV will be the final Street Fighter IV spin-off, described the game's £29.99 RRP as "a token of goodwill to the fans".

He said: "I understand some fans don't like us making this decision. As a token of goodwill I'd like to say this is why we're not releasing the game as a full price disc. I fully think it's worth full price, but as a token of goodwill to the fans, and to say this is an upgrade of what they already have, we've gone for a slightly reduced price range. I hope that will satisfy the fans."

Despite the decision to release Super as a disc-based game, Ono said that "it's completely possible" for new characters to be made available as DLC in the future. As for what characters may be up for inclusion, Ono refused to offer any details. He did, however, reveal that Final Fight's Haggar is not top of the list.

"Technically, it's completely possible," he said. "If I hear many voices of people saying, 'come on, update the game in 2011, add a character or two', I could. But in that case I wouldn't put Haggar in, it would be Hugo!"

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and Ingrid & Charlie!
Posted 15:45 on 31 May 2010
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I Want Karin & R. Mika!
Posted 02:47 on 16 May 2010
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Nooo, not Hugo! Get Haggar in!
Posted 18:14 on 14 April 2010

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