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Street Fighter X Tekken screenshot
Street Fighter X Tekken screenshot

Capcom has responded to user complaints following the revelation that Street Fighter X Tekken has "on-disc DLC".

As reported by Xbox 360 Achievements, YouTube user SoulReaperTTG posted footage a hacked 360 copy of the game, revealing 12 characters that were supposed to be exclusive to the PS Vita edition.

Among the new fighters are Blanka and Dudley from Street Fighter, plus Jack and Alisa from Tekken.

Predictably, this has resulted in complaints from people who feel that they should have access to everything that's on the disc they've just bought. Capcom sees things differently:

"The character information and files were intentionally included on retail versions of the PS3 and Xbox 360 game to save hard drive space and to ensure for a smooth transition when the DLC is available, allowing players who choose not to purchase the content the ability to play against players that did," said the publisher, in a statement to MCV.

"More specifics regarding pricing, dates and other additional exciting DLC plans for Street Fighter X Tekken will be shared at a later date. As a reminder, the retail version of the game will be the only disc-based version consumers will need to own and all future upgrades will come from post-launch DLC." Analysis

For better or worse, this kind of DLC setup is increasingly common, especially with fighting games. Capcom's explanation does make sense: NetherRealm's Mortal Kombat reboot suffered serious online problems due to compatibility problems between players who had the DLC, and those who didn't.

Still, I do understand why this annoys people. But if that makes you upset you might be interested to learn that when you're purchasing downloadable goods, you often don't own the product at all (see point 5).

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User Comments

thedanyrand's Avatar


Now all Tekkens version needs to do is learn from Capcoms mistakes and boom its the new top dog lol. I have seen the problems Morta Kombat had so I can understand this and I get it makes people mad to find out that Blanka is so close yet so far away. The fact that its on the disc doesnt bother me as much as knowing the Vita version will have them all included while console versions need to pony up a few bucks more.
Posted 23:16 on 06 March 2012
Endless's Avatar


It gets worse :|

Xbox 360 version - 2 offline players cannot play online

Why lie? Ok, remove an advertised feature from the game because you didn't have time to do it, or couldnt be bothered to do it. Whatever. But don't lie about it! 360 games have allowed multiple offline players to play online against multiple other setups for a long time. Why is it so different this time?

It doesn't affect me, yet. If myself and my wife wanted to play scramble mode against Lee and his partner. We now cant. Ace.

I still dont like online passes. A deliberate attack on my ability to afford to play games.
Posted 20:08 on 06 March 2012
Chaosphere616's Avatar


In this case I'll wait a few months
then buy a used like new copy
from the amazon market place.

That way I'll get a copy in decent
condition but capcom won't see
a cent due to this on disc DLC.
Posted 19:21 on 06 March 2012
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ pblive

I find myself in total agreement with pb on this one. Online passes are not the devil incarnate that everybody is making them out to be. But effectively holding a large portion of the game I bought away from me until such time as you deem I am ready to pay more for it? It is a BAD step down a line that ultimately ends in "Only play if you are online and have paid today".

I am uncomfortable with this, and am thinking very carefully about whether I should support it with my purchase or not.
Posted 16:45 on 06 March 2012

pblive@ Endless

It's nothing like an online pass. An online pass comes free with the game. It's only used to protect against second hand sales not providing any profit for the publisher. I can't see anything wrong with online passes.
Posted 15:58 on 06 March 2012
MrGloomy's Avatar


I was sooo close to pressing the buy button and getting my pre-order in, but I must admit this trait that Capcom seems to be sticking to has put me right off. Once again, this is a business model that Capcom wants to use instead of a clear-cut online pass method. Unfortunately, this business model reeks of dishonesty as they already have the additional characters already made and ready for play, providing you're willing to pay an additonal amount (for something you would of already bought!?!).

Of course, Capcom aren't saying that you have to pay for these characters, but it just feels like Capcom made the decision to hold these characters back so that they can extend their profits through DLC. Fair play, I suppose, but still a 'git' move. I think I can wait for the price to drop or if a 'complete' version is released some time later, then I might pick it up. Capcom have said that a complete version won't be happeing, but with DLC choices like this, I'm not sure I can trust that statement (after all, who can really trust big business).

When you look at title like Tekken 6, it was filled with so much content. Over 40 characters, something like 6-8 game modes, a comprehensive customisation feature and online play. To me, this choice by Capcom suggests that we already get too much for our money and we should pay more...even though you've bought the disc with the content on it!
Posted 15:49 on 06 March 2012
Endless's Avatar

Endless@ CheekyLee

But it's complete now isnt it? It's all the disk!! ;)

The scale is another facto as Clockpunk highlighted. the 1-2 characters of Jill and Shuma in MvC3? Fluff. a couple here and there is a bonus. 12? 12 is nearly 1/4 of the original cast again. Thats not bonus thats a substantial part of any game.

Imagine picking this up on console when the Vita version releases with 12 extra characters and is pulicised to hell in the media. You buy your game, load it up, where are your 12 characters?

Someone mentioned that perhaps it's maintains the price of the original game through DLC. Almost like an online pass. Could be. But I hate online passes as well :)
Posted 11:58 on 06 March 2012
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ Endless

I think all sites reviewing the game should hold the scores back until it is "complete".
Posted 11:52 on 06 March 2012
munkee's Avatar


They could give many reasons for this, but it reeks of financial gain.

They weren't able to put Blanka, Dudley and Jack in the initial line-up. But, they did have space for Kuma, Hugo and some odd-ball exclusives.

I think I disagree with DLC when fundamentals are removed from the game. DLC to me should be an offer of content that would expand the game in some way. Not to charge the user for content that has been removed from an existing franchise.


Nobody is being forced to buy them, no. But, Blanka and Jack have been in the series since the beginning. They are both characters that players should expect to feature in the line-up. Capcom know full well that, Blanka in particular, will be a much sought after fighter and have knowingly removed him from the roster. It's a slap in the face for the fans who have religiously funded Capcom to continue releasing titles.

I agree with the 'tool' analogy.

Also, Sony paying for the content to feature on the Vita is just as infuriating as all those poor PS3 Call of Duty players getting stiffed on the DLC release schedule. Time exclusives are ridiculous.
Posted 11:51 on 06 March 2012
Endless's Avatar


The thing is the escuse that it's for convenience benefits one type of consumer, and one only: Those without a hard drive. because SF4 and plenty of other games manage characters and such without having to have them on a disc. New character? push out an update, cosnole downloads patch, character becomes available. Dont want to update? dont play online then. Thats the way it's been on Live for ages. You choose not to update your game, you cant be connected to Live and play at the same time.

I agree with munkee on this on some aspects.

I don't mind them being on a disk at all. Video games, and software as a whole, have been a virtual asset for years now. The physical cost to produce a disk doesn't change from game to game, yet the prices do. The individual lines of code on a disc dont cost more depending on the game. A game with 10,000 lines of code, doesn't cost more than one with 5,000. The cost of a game is virtual, the game itself is almost like a SaaS implementation (Software as a Service) you pay for your access to the game, not the physical content of the game.

Same for Windows OS, you pay for your serial code that allows you access to software. not the software itself.

I'd almost be willing to pay for these characters; If they were day 1 DLC. But 5-6 months down the line? Much as I'd like to play as those characters, I'll already be settled with my team by then. If they were free DLC? brilliant, but still, 5-6 months to wait? I'll have forgotten they even exist by the time they release them.

Content for a fighting game isn't like regular DLC imo, a character is a tool. the focus on fighting games is competition, whether it be local or online. A new character doesn't offer a whole new fresh experience, the backstory attached is barely important. The game is still the same whether they're in it or not imo, it's just a different tool to use while playing. So to withold tools is not a viable strategy imo, we'll just use other characters instead. And re-learning again when new characters come out? I certainly dont have that dedication.

Not knocking the character design here by the way, thats as important to me as the next. Admitedly there will be people whose affiliation with a character is extremely important to their experience.

What really gets me about this announcement is that the Vita version of the game gets all of these for free. If thats a publicity/marketing ploy that Sony are paying for, fair play to them if it works for the Vita. But as far as console owners go, they might as well have just ***** on us from a great height and called it roses.
Posted 11:47 on 06 March 2012


Doesn't bother me much.

Historically, Capcom have always added characters after the main game ships. I don't really see the difference in putting them on the disc instead of for download, other than you don't need to do an update just to play against those that have them.

It's impossible to work out whether Capcom would have included them in the main game or as future DLC had they not decided on creating on-disc DLC so you've really gained or lost nothing and no one is forcing you to buy them.
Posted 11:45 on 06 March 2012
CheekyLee's Avatar


No doubt there will be some nerd uprising somewhere about this, with thousands claiming to boycott the game but then ultimately doing nothing about it. I know that I want it, even though I am somewhat annoyed that Dudley is just out of my reach! But then, there is some good news, in that Blanka is similarly outside of Neon's reach, which means no hoppy fly-swat playstyle to face against and lose against.
Posted 11:42 on 06 March 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ TomPearson

Could it be a question of scale, do you think - where the sheer amount is the main point of contention. 3 or 4 planned characters... maybe. But a dozen? That could be a bit much...
Posted 11:37 on 06 March 2012
TomPearson's Avatar


This is gonna be on the podcast. Listen out for it.
Posted 11:35 on 06 March 2012
munkee's Avatar

munkee@ mydeaddog

I don't like that the characters they are holding back would have been considered fundamental to the game before the DLC system was introduced. Putting Blanka & Jack on the disc, complete as usable characters, but expecting the consumer to pay more for them to be unlocked seems a little sneaky in my opinion. Is £40 not already enough for the game?

I do however like that this method will allow buyers & non-buyers to play online.

It's a strange one. From a developer/publisher point of view its completely understandable on all fronts. But, as a consumer with a tight wallet it stings a little.
Posted 11:00 on 06 March 2012

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