Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter IV Screenshot for Xbox 360

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te cocho's Avatar
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te cocho

Street is f****** rad
Posted 22:59 on 18 February 2009
cmon guys's Avatar
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cmon guys

Ive seen the trailer and this shot is not in it. looks like a ss to me.
Posted 04:11 on 07 January 2009
petewonder's Avatar
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idiots if u hate on this game
ive played every version of this game from the OG.

i played sf4 arcade and it ****ing rocks hard like porno
Posted 06:15 on 02 November 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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I played X-BOX TRIAL Version yesterday in London Eurogamer EXPO, it had gouken, sakura and akuma unlocked as playable characters alongside the regular lineup.


Also had a chance to play HD remix - VERY VERY GOOD!!!
Posted 13:37 on 30 October 2008
sNoopfox's Avatar
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The developers owe to ps3 and xbox owners to bring out Street fighter... Street fighter meets todays powerful technology... you really thing they're gonna make 'just another' street fighters. It's gonna be amazing!
Posted 08:33 on 04 June 2008
Gaming Fan's Avatar
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Gaming Fan

Meh... I mean seriously. This is just another rehash. It looks pretty.
But its a bit old now. Street Fighter. I dont know...
And to know its going to play the same as every other 2 d fighter (just with 3d graphics) it really blows it for me. Oh well. Good luck Street Fighter. I used to be your biggest fan. Back in 1992. <_<
Posted 05:01 on 06 April 2008
SF Fan's Avatar
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SF Fan

First off to label this as a PS3 SS is not even right since you have no way of confirming what system this will be released on - second off most people in the gaming community consider a screen shot to be an in-game image taken during play - NOT a snapshot of a trailer.
Considering Capcom hasn't released any information or what platforms SF4 will be on - then one can not confirm(or think) it will be for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Everything that does not come from the mouth of Capcom USA is heresay and should be questioned.
Posted 10:58 on 26 October 2007
Bloodstorm's Avatar


It has, PS3 and Xbox 360.......i think.
Posted 13:20 on 19 October 2007
Salmon Archie's Avatar
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Salmon Archie

thats not really a screenshot is it.....thats a clip of the teaser trailer. and its not been announced on any console yet.....
Posted 13:17 on 19 October 2007

Game Stats

Release Date: 20/02/2009
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Beat 'em Up
No. Players: 1-2
Rating: BBFC 12
Site Rank: 789 81

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