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Street Fighter IV screenshot In other fighting games you have a spectator mode, where you can watch other matches while you wait for your turn to play. Will Street Fighter IV have a similar mode?

YO: I'm thinking about it. It would be quite good. But it depends on how much capacity we would use within the infrastructure. So we haven't decided yet. Essentially the more people watching two fighting, that means the spectators are taking up the capacity of your play, so it might affect your play with lag. You've been quoted that it is possible for Street Fighter IV to come to the Nintendo Wii. Is that true? The graphics look very difficult to recreate on the Wii?

YO: It is doable. At the end of the day this is a 2D fighting game and I have no objection to doing it as long as there is a market for it. Going back to the chess analogy, this is a tool for people to play, so it's like a board game, the more the merrier. It's going to be a straight port of Street Fighter IV. We're not going to make it as a kids version or anything like that. But yeah, if we get money and resources we would love to do it. Is it possible to achieve the same graphical quality in the arcade version on the Wii?

YO: I've never worked on the Wii before so I can't say for sure. But we'll figure out something. Will you be able to chose the speed and handicap for Street Fighter IV?

YO: No. You're not going to be able to change the speed in Street Fighter IV. But handicap we're considering. Probably using a battle point, which is already in the arcade version, we may be able to work out the handicap. We still don't know yet.

Street Fighter IV screenshot With the arcade version already out and the console versions coming out relatively soon. Have you already got a list of ideas for Street Fighter V?

YO: I'm not there yet. I can't really work on games till the sun goes down. I'm really in the middle of it right now. Ed Boon, the creator of Mortal Kombat, has been quoted as saying Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe will 'kick Street Fighter's ass'. What's your response?

YO: You know what, if they can turn the comic fan into a fighting genre fan, the more the merrier. If they can kick our ass, so be it, bring it on! We're in the same team as far as we're concerned so if they can do it, great. You're releasing Super Street Fighter II Turbo as a downloadable HD Remix on XBL and PSN. Might you do this with Street Fighter III, which never really took off in Europe?

YO: This is part of the reason why we wanted Street Fighter IV to include the wider community. Going back to the chess analogy, Street Fighter III was like the championship chess level. However we wanted to appeal to the grandpa grand kids Sunday afternoon chess game, that's Street Fighter IV. We never say never. Street Fighter III may become a digital download game. We don't know. Speaking hypothetically, Street Fighter V, when the market is ready we might opt for the other version of the game.

My dream is that Street Fighter IV will be like everyone's got it at home and when people gather it's like a party game, like a board game, like the Wii! That's great thank you for your time.

Street Fighter IV is out in Japanese arcades now. The Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions are TBC.

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yeah... Xbox did it right and Sony screwed up royally on the ps2 version...who wouldn't want to play sf3 online??

It will be interesting to see comparisons of the two new versions of SF4 and if they're identical.
Posted 19:27 on 31 August 2008
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Street Fighter 3 is already online playable on the Original Xbox, and is backwardly compatible with the 360.
Posted 17:06 on 30 August 2008
DemiRonin's Avatar
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omg... sf3 downloadable and maybe online.....heaven!
Posted 22:42 on 29 August 2008
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Street Fighter 3 is a phenomenal game, and really deserves to be a download...I also really missed the online gameplay on the ps2 version.

Maybe they can clean that up to 1080p?? I would be in heaven.
Posted 01:50 on 29 August 2008
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"Street Fighter III may become a digital download game."

That really should happen. Get that game out there, across as many platforms (PSN, XBL etc) as possible, and give the games fans a chance to decide how popular III is.
Posted 17:23 on 26 August 2008

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