State of Decay screenshot
State of Decay screenshot

State of Decay Title Update 3 will begin rolling out across all territories today, developer Undead Labs has announced.

The third update will download and install free of charge when you load the game.

Update Notes:


- You can now ask a community NPC to follow you and watch your back. Followers can also accompany you on most non-storyline missions.
- NPCs who have been told to leave your community no longer remain in your Journal and take up bed space.
- Jacob can no longer be selected for a "Mercy Shot" mission before he gives you the “Home Away from Home” mission.
- You can now train members of another Enclave in your Dojo immediately upon construction of the Dojo.


- Fixed Snyder Warehouse not repairing vehicles.
- Fixed community NPCs sometimes blocking the door to Snyder Warehouse.
- You can no longer move to a Home site that supports fewer Outposts than you currently control.
- Vehicles are no longer teleported to Home parking spaces at 6:00 AM.


- Outposts are now numbered on the map.
- Added Journal log entry for establishing an Outpost.
- Outpost bonuses to Stockpiles are now retained when the game is restarted.


- Added Journal log entries for "Memento" mission.
- Changed AI to ensure zombies are present when you get a training mission or a morale mission.
- You are now reminded every 15 minutes, starting at 30 minutes, that your progress is not being saved while in a mission.
- Fixed bug that allowed save spinner to sometimes display during missions.
- Additional polish to "The Law" mission.


- Fixed an issue where Influence attrition wasn't scaling properly, which led to some Influence exploits.
- Removed references to generators in Fuel description.
- Fixed a terrain issue that caused parked vehicles to catch on fire when restarting the game.
- Fixed getting “Stockpile maximum exceeded” Journal log entry immediately after leaving Mount Tanner.
- Fixed issues that allowed community to exceed the population cap.
- Minor improvements to shadows.
- Fixed some missing subtitles.
- Fixed some floating bushes and grass.
- Fixed some typos.
- Fixed issues in non-English translations.

For more on State of Decay, check out Chris' Sate of Decay diary series.


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Hunter_RJ's Avatar


This is a great improvement. While the morale mission and training mission had sometimes no zeds present, that was a relief, but boring. Someone posted the idea that having zed bites actually cause infections, which I think is a very bad idea. The positive, it promotes a challenge. possibly both positive and negative, strikes fear into you. Negative, a chance of running out of stamina, which makes bites likely, and number of community members you can use. What if they all get sick and possibly die. It might as well be game over from there. Lily is only one who could get sick, but no chances of dying because she's not supposed to and you can't use her. I like my challenges sometimes, but no one is so hardcore that chances of mistakes are unlikely.
Posted 18:32 on 07 August 2013
Batmamerc's Avatar


Been able to take an NPC with you is a massive improvement and will make me go back to it tonight, often I felt alone in the zombie apocalypse which got boring having an ally with you in the rescue an ally missions was great made it possible to fully search an area while your ally took on the zeds and save your ass a bit in tricky situations too so good move undead labs. not happy however that there fixing the none appearance of zombies in the morale missions, that was always a relief to get a repetitive section of the game out the way quickly by driving to a place and finding nothing to kill and completing the mission without leaving the car lol. I just want them to add a new game plus mode now i so can start again and do the missions in the beginning that timed out cos was messing about exploring as I did in dead rising as well lol, got missing achievements and don't wanna have to start again now after prob 100 hours playing so far.
Posted 13:09 on 07 August 2013

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