Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Trailers & Videos for Xbox 360

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Endor Bonus Mission DLC Trailer

Continue the saga on Endor.

Publish date 09 Dec 2010 at 3:58pm

Extended Play

Cloning around with Tom and Martin.

Publish date 10 Nov 2010 at 11:09am

Video Review

Publish date 03 Nov 2010 at 8:00am

Webdoc #2 Feature

This web-doc delves deeper into the story of the game, where Starkiller searches the galaxy for Juno Eclipse.

Publish date 11 Oct 2010 at 11:52pm

Launch Trailer

Take control of Starkiller and his destiny in the upcoming game - available from Friday, October 26.

Publish date 08 Oct 2010 at 3:08pm

Webdoc #3 Feature

A look at combat and how it's evolved since the first game.

Publish date 09 Sep 2010 at 8:05pm

Yoda Trailer

The legendary Yoda lends his knowledge to Starkiller.

Publish date 13 Aug 2010 at 3:45pm

Boba Fett Trailer

The legendary bounty hunter makes an appearance.

Publish date 27 Jul 2010 at 2:00pm

Webdoc #1 Feature

The thoughts of producers Haden Blackman and Julio Torres.

Publish date 26 Jul 2010 at 4:22pm

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Developer: LucasArts
Publisher: LucasArts
Genre: Action
Rating: PEGI 16+
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