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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed screenshot
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed screenshot

Why should we be interested in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, the latest in the seemingly never-ending factory line of LucasArts games based on George Lucas' spiralling science fiction saga? Because it's the best Star Wars game EVER!!11! That's according to Cameron Suey, the producer in charge of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game. To find out why he holds his game in such high regard, and why Euphoria, DMM, Havok and all that other crazy tech stuff makes The Force Unleashed, well, unleashed, read on. Would you say Force Unleashed is the best Star Wars game ever?

Cameron Suey: I'm a humble guy so I try not to use a lot of hyperbole, but it's certainly the greatest Star Wars story that we've ever told in a video game. I absolutely love the gameplay. This is the first game I've worked on, in about four years in the industry, in which I still love the game even a year-and-a-half after I've been playing it a little bit every day. Working so closely to it, usually you get sick and fed up of a game, you never want to see it again once it's done, but I still have fun every time I pick up the controller. Early on that was one of our primary goals and we achieved that. So it's certainly the most fun game that I've ever played and it's certainly the greatest story of a Star Wars game. But you won't go as far as to say it's the best Star Wars game ever made?

CS: You know what, I'll say it, it's for me, and greatest applies to value judgement and opinion, definitely the greatest Star Wars game. I'm of course biased! That's great because, being frank, some Star Wars games aren't as good as others...

CS: That is true. Star Wars is one of the greatest licenses for a videogame you could have and in the past we got a little excited about that and we put out games that probably weren't up to the quality bar that we would have liked. That's definitely something we've recognised and we understand. The more Star Wars games you put out and the more you love that environment the more it becomes mediocre and anodyne. We're really focused on telling singular, excellent Star Wars stories with engaging and innovative gameplay and cutting edge technology. That's going to be the future of Star Wars games.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed screenshot So we'll see perhaps less Star Wars games in the future?

CS: You might see less and better. Make it right and do it right. That will certainly please the fans.

CS: I hope so. That's who we make these games for. We can sit in a room and we can make games for ourselves all day long but they're only going to sell five copies. We want to make games for the widest kind of Star Wars fan as possible. Force Unleashed is coming to every platform going, except...

CS: No Commodore 64, no Apple IIE... No PC...

CS: No PC as well, yes. We're a multiplatform website and some of our PC-owning readers have complained about this.

CS: And that's something that every time I read that, we do hear that complaint, it hurts. Our goal was we wanted to get this game to as many people as possible. I definitely wish it had been possible. However the PC being the gaming platform that it is, someone with a $4,000 high-end system would definitely be able to play the Euphoria, the DMM and really technical elements of the game. But someone with a low-end PC would have a watered down experience, they would have to turn all the settings down and it wouldn't be the same game. On the other hand if we made that game for as many people as possible, because we are trying to make mass market games, something that everybody can enjoy, well then it's not taking advantage of what those $4,000 systems can do. So one way or the other depending on how you build that lead PC SKU, it's not going to be for the same amount of people, it's going to be not as good or only for a select few people.

That said we're definitely not out of the PC market. It's just with our choice for this game, with the known quantity for the consoles, and every console is the same with the same processing power, it made sense for us to develop for those consoles.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed screenshot So the decision was purely about the PC being a varied platform?

CS: Exactly. And no matter where you pick that bar somebody's out of luck. It had nothing to do with piracy?

CS: I don't have my fingers in the pot of what goes into the legal part of pirating. I'm not really familiar with the figures. I understand it's a lot more prevalent in some areas than others. Do you guys have any message to your PC-owning fans, because you guys have a heritage on PC?

CS: Absolutely. We started on the PC. Unfortunately that goes back to the point of such a variance of the platform. There wasn't such a variance at that time and it made a lot more sense to develop on PC. The message is that we're not shutting the door on PC at all. Just for this project it happens to be that we don't have a PC SKU. I really hope that everyone can experience this game on a platform eventually. Might there be a PC version in the future?

CS: No. And if there was no-one has told me about it yet! I've got my head in the sand as far as this project goes. We only don't have a PC version for this product.

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Ceria's Avatar
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It's unfortunate that they would be so absent minded about who has seriously contributed to the fandom and success of the starwars series. I may not be like him and have a 4k computer system, but a dual core is plenty enough to run that game, and i'm utterly disappointed in their oversight.

It's not reasonable to screw us out of playing the best sw game ever.
Posted 04:53 on 24 September 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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Very sad indeed. I have really been hoping for a pc version to come sooner or later.
The thought of bying a console just for one game feels quite stupid, after all I'm not a hardcore gamer :P

Really bad decission Lucasarts
Posted 16:52 on 22 September 2008
BenDover's Avatar
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That pain you feel in your colon is George Lucas using you and throwing you away. So what if you always supported Star Wars PC gaming and everything else the Emperor has produced? Your really just a piece of *SS to him. Ironic isn't it, getting screwed by a C*NT? Help us Obi-Wan from the real Empire of Greed and Darkness. George Walton Lucas Jr.
Posted 07:48 on 21 September 2008
PCGamer's Avatar
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Everyone here should know that what Lucas wants Lucas gets. That includes no TFU for the PC. This could only happen if Lucas allowed it. Obviously George has forgotten where the Star Wars gaming roots started and those of us loyals that always supported it. Although we might not matter much to him anymore I suggest we all boycott any of his future works not limited to games, movies, merchandise. If anyone wants my copy of THX1138 original cut on laser disc it will be on eBay with various other BS Lucas garbage.
Posted 07:37 on 21 September 2008
KnitGnosis's Avatar
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Absolute total bulls**t! They don't make it for the PC cause they want all us true gamers that dropped tons of money on a real gaming machine to spend another 500 on a console to boost console sales and make the figures pretty. I was so excited for this game to be released just to be let down because I'm not one of those stupid trendy idiots that doesn't know how to work a computer so I buy a lame ass console instead. The game was developed using a PC! All 3D graphics and coding are done on PC and then ported to the console. WTF Wouldn't they release a PC version at all, when its already there.

And the average home desktop computer is as powerful if not more powerful than any of the consoles out now. Any serious PC gamer that would want to play a game like this will have a system more than able to run the game without a problem. Seriously name one game a medium/high end PC can't run better than console. Crysis cant even run on any console cause its too powerful, and they make a 700 dollar PC that can run it.

Even if you have to turn a few features off or down, if its as great a game as they are making it out to be it would still be awesome to play even if your graphics arent all pretty and shiny and running 16xAA
Posted 09:14 on 20 September 2008
MisterDC's Avatar
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Well I guess yet another company is dropping the people that got them started. And if you have had to dumb the game down for these consoles its not worth us PC players even buying so keep your game and keep your consoles. There are plenty of games manufactures out there that top Lucas Arts anyway. Well here is a PC gamer saying stick it, I wont be buying anymore Lucas Arts game :P
Posted 04:22 on 20 September 2008
Conan_Lon's Avatar
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There have been many comments posted here that I agree with and I'd like to take the time to say so.

I think the real reason they did not release for the PC market is due to ROI. Call it what you will but I seriously doubt developers get many support calls from console owners about "I cannot install this" or "It does not work with xxx hardware" etc.

Piracy might have played a small factor as well but check out how well Galactic Civilizations is doing...they do not utilize anti-theft mechanisms like SecurRom. Check out "The Gamer’s Bill of Rights" on their web site.

What makes me mad is that they did not come out and say it and instead spew nonsense that anyone can see through...not a very effective smoke screen at all. They should be embarrassed about this.

Not wanting to support a platform because of support and financial issues might cause them to loose some customers but at least they won't loose respect.

For this reason, I am going to break the XBOX 360 disc that I bought. Well, this reason and the fact it was also a stupid idea to require the character's nose as a pointing device rather than the view screen. DuH!

This is quite a sad state of affairs because I was a fan of the company.
Posted 03:37 on 19 September 2008
Balanced View's Avatar
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Balanced View

I understand the commercial reasoning for what they are saying,
having a 360 and a gaming pc I can also understand the frustrations of the PC gamers...
Lucasarts morally should have committed to creating a pc version as that is where much of their heritage lies. Personally (not having played them however) I would suspect the quality of the PS2 / PSP / Wii versions. Their reasons 'watering down' the game don't hold up for this reason, therefore indeed it seems that loyalty to fans has been negated by a need to make profit.
The surprising thing is that LA must have known how the PC Gamers would react and yet they havent fashioned some more articulate reasons.
This I guess 'is just one of those things'.
2 final points worth thinking about...(and im genuinely interested, not 'a fanboy')
1. I would like to ask any less public facing member of the LA development team how they feel about neglecting their up till now most avid and fanatical of users? (as alot of game developers thrive on the feedback of users (take peter molyneux at lionhead as example))
2. Much game development and future thinking can come out of the 'hackers' creating mod's and add ons and the developers realising the commercial potential of it. correct me if I am wrong (im not wholly sure about this) but isnt that where counterstrike initially came from, an opensource mod for half life?

on the whole its not good for the hardcore pc gamer, but LA may be morally taken aback by all these comments but they won't take it to heart as the PS3 and xbox versions will sell like hotcakes.

I think they will be more concerned with the average reviews that it is getting!
Posted 14:20 on 16 September 2008
Jecht's Avatar
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Star Wars games just plain feel right on my Computer. You all really pissed a LARGER portion of your fans off by negating PC production. I'm sure if the designers/producers ever read these boards they will realize how much time they wasted by just making it for consoles. GG
Posted 20:54 on 15 September 2008
blabla's Avatar
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Im happy they didnt make a pc version, all games I played on pc r full of hackers -.-
Posted 15:17 on 14 September 2008
BATRR's Avatar
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Well I for one will make it my own personal religon NEVER to buy or support ANYTHING with a LA label on it after reading that tripe! Good Job Lucas!
Posted 00:38 on 12 September 2008
Chris's Avatar
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I agree with most of the comments posted on here. To say you need a $4000 rig is an absolutely incredible and inacurate statement to make from Mr Suey. I have had a PC for many years and upgrade on average every 12 to 18 months to make sure I can play the latest games on high settings at worst and have never spent anymore than £600 at a time. Every self respecting PC gamer knows the real reason behind this side step is because of piracy. Nothing more & nothing less. I also have a Wii and if I had the choice of buying this game for a PC or the Wii then the answer will always be the PC. Why? Because of the huge gap in power the PC has over the Wii and I also know that my current PC is still more powerfull than the latest so called Next Gen Consoles. The strangest thing about all this is that if this had come out on the PC I would have bought this game 100% but seeing as this is now only availible to me on the Wii I am now going to pirate it on my chipped system because why should I have to pay for a "Watered Down Version" at a higher cost than if it were on the PC. Lucas Arts have really dropped a clanger with this one and it will surely come back to haunt them.
Posted 21:25 on 11 September 2008
??????'s Avatar
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Posted 00:53 on 11 September 2008
Indomidable's Avatar
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I feel the same way as all the PC - Gammers... And as far as piracy goes... How many 30-50$ games have you bought that you put on the shelf the next week and never played again due to false advertising. So, yeah I like to download and test a new game first if I like it I buy it. Now if shareware allowed you to experiance the full game, 1 time then I'd just do that. But usually it's 15 min then done. If a game can't hold my attention for an hour then I don't want it. (Puzzle Games Excluded). As to the porting to making for PC... XBOX uses DirectX... Has from it's conception! So yeah you've got your Graphics, Sound, and USB devices already handled! A better configurable interface and support for my Fatali1ty Xi-Fi Sound Card is about it. I spent 1.5k for my system last year. And I can play everything max settings I've bought! If I need a newer video card no prob. But would I buy a crappy Console no way!!! The CD/DVD/HD-DVD drive fails on it and what do you have? Scrap! My drives burn out that's just a simple replacement. My CPU is too slow minor upgrade. Need more then 2GB of RAM OK not a problem. Can't upgrade a console. But my PC can emulate a PS2 I'd be astounded if it couldn't emulate a XBOX360 or even the PS3. Since to make a console your using parts at least 1 year old. It's not like they're cutting edge tech. Looking at the Hardware of the XBOX 360 it's got 3 CPU's, and 512 MB Video Card by ATI (So NVidia 8800 users video card stomps it to the dirt!) Now looking at the PS3 seven of the eight CPU's are used. 6 For games 1 for the OS... Uses NVIDIA RSX 256 MB... Basically a 7800/7900 GPU... So you got an 8800+ your Stomping Both Consoles in pure GPU power!... Not sure how efficiently they're actually using the Cell nor how fast they're running but I'm sure a dual core system would be sufficient for this. But Seriously, if there were a game that required me to get a quad core I'd do it in a heartbeat! What I'm not going to do is get a disposable computer (Console) I grew out of those with my last one (the 2600 from Atari) Computers are where the future is consoles are just to help the younger generations adapt. Basically the phrase if we were to build it to the High End Computers (These are the people with the money who won't pirate your game!)... Then the low end would loose out of the full graphical experience..." The BS of that statement is founded on 1986-1991 When CGA, EGA, VGA, SVGA were all common. You upgraded to play the game at the better settings or you just dealt with it! It's been the computer gaming theme since EGA came out! Every computer Gamer expects to need to upgrade to play the newest/best Games! Hence, all the upset LA Fans! I saved up and bought X-Wing back in 1993 owned almost every single PC game since then! Didn't get Rebel Assault (because it was a console port you go from open space X-Wing/Tie-Figter) to a few select ways of attacking a target and it get's annoying! Seriously until PS2 console games were like baby version of Computer Games. Even now w/o the ability to really MOD. It's still like using Training wheels on a bike(Console) vs a Super Bike (PC) Granted no PC is the same! And that's where Layers like DirectX/Open GL/SDL Come in and help the Developer! Don't tell me your compiler won't work for 32 bit / 64 bit CPU's... And if a game I want is only 64 Bit! So, be it I'll get 64 Bit O/S... Not a problem the fact of the matter is BS is BS and we are to intelligent to be told that, without posting something!
Posted 18:26 on 02 September 2008
FreedomFighter's Avatar
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Excuses, you must love them...low end pc's=high end consoles

you can buy a low end pc for say $300, if it has a PCI-e slot, you can get a 8600 or an 8800 graphics card for around $100, bringing your total to around $400, add in some reasonable ram and your looking at $450, much less than a console and also better in most aspects.

Lets dissect the xbox and PS3 for a sec, what are they accept dumbed down PC's? lets face it, PC gamers are intelligent, most, not all, but most console gamers prefer dumbed down interfaces and controls because there unable to deal with actually exercising their brain to some extent. Im not saying all PC gamers are intelligent, but lets face it, PC games have a longer lifespan than console games, when your done with a console game, whats left?? you throw it on the shelf for it to collect dust, on the PC, you get out a few cans of soda and some snacks and see how you cant improve the game through mods.

Hell, im part of a modding team for Crysis, we are making a star wars mod for the game. We have already incorporated a large quantity of force power such as Push, pull, lift, lightning, mind trick. In fact, some of what we have done had to be redone because it was never intended to be allowed in Crysis and breaks German law, associated with ragdolls on dead bodies using the force.

It might take a little work to make the game for PC as well as consoles, but if there going through all the work to rebuild the game for so many systems, why not PC?? offering a watered down experience, or a different experience on lower settings, is that not what the Wii, ps2 and so on are offering??? a lower experience??

$4000 worth of a machine would give me a machine that would compete with NASA, i have no interest in a $4000 machine, my $600 machine runs Crysis on high, so what type of machine would I need to run TFU??? a 16 core processor with 18 gigs of ram with a videocard that shoots out lasers to simulate a more realistic experience???? Seriously...excuses are only good when they hold some type of merit...

Im dissapointed in lucasarts...actually in the gaming industry as a whole...few developers these days develop for PC, those that do I fully support, even in saying "were not closing the doors on pc" is mearly stating that there just letting the door close on its own. I will never buy a console, not because I dont think that there any good, but my PC is better than a console, always will be, I prefer games that I can customize, than I can enjoy with my preferences. You cant do that on a console...

Refusing to bring games to the PC is a mistake...even if the consoles are the hot thing right now and what brings in the most money, caring about the customers is not so much caring about the money, its about caring about the people wants and needs. Lucas arts needs to take a look at what people want...if it "hurts" that the PC community are offended, then do something about it...bring the game to PC, bring the game back home. Make the game for all platforms, not just everything but PC...thats just an insult to the gaming community...
Posted 22:08 on 29 August 2008

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