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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed screenshot

Randy Stude, president of the PC Gaming Alliance, has slammed LucasArts for not releasing a PC version of massively successful Star Wars game The Force Unleashed.

Back in May, LucasArts producer Cameron Suey told that it wasn't doing a PC version of The Force Unleashed because of the vast differences in power of PCs in people's homes.

He said: "The PC being the gaming platform that it is, someone with a $4,000 high-end system would definitely be able to play the Euphoria, the DMM and really technical elements of the game. But someone with a low-end PC would have a watered down experience, they would have to turn all the settings down and it wouldn't be the same game.

"On the other hand if we made that game for as many people as possible, because we are trying to make mass market games, something that everybody can enjoy, well then it's not taking advantage of what those $4,000 systems can do. So one way or the other depending on how you build that lead PC SKU, it's not going to be for the same amount of people, it's going to be not as good or only for a select few people. No matter where you pick that bar somebody's out of luck."

In an interview with, set to be published next week, Stude described the excuse as "uneducated" and said LucasArts "hasn't made a good PC game in a long time".

He said: "That's not an educated answer. In the last several years there have been at least 100 million PCs sold that have the capabilities or better of an Xbox 360. It's ridiculous to say that there's not enough audience for that game potentially and that it falls into this enthusiast extreme category when ported over to the PC. That's an uneducated response."

When asked if he believed Suey's explanation might not be truthful, Stude replied: "I think you probably got plenty of feedback and opinions from your readers and my personal opinion is if they're making games for the Wii, Xbox and PS3 they're scaling their experience to meet all three of those platforms. They're good on the Wii, better on the Xbox 360 and the best on the PS3. There's no argument that they could give not to be able to support good better and best on the PC."

He went on to make some damning comments regarding the quality of LucasArts' games as well as their current development strategy, which he called "job shopping".

"LucasArts hasn't made a good PC game in a long time," he said. "That's my opinion. They make some pretty good games for the Wii, you know those little sticks you wave in the air, that seems like a natural fit for a lightsaber game, sure. But I think the last good PC game they made was probably Jedi Knight 2, and even their strategy games weren't that great. So I can understand why they would make that call.

"They're not really creating product within LucasArts themselves. They're going at it job shopping their IP. That may be a little controversial for me to say, but that's what I see. There's no development team necessarily within LucasArts any more, they've basically turned into an intellectual property machine and supporting the PC, why should they? It really doesn't fit their property."

Be sure to check the site next week for the interview with PCGA president Randy Stude in full.

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User Comments

Its true!'s Avatar
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Its true!

The statement about 100million pcs more capable than a 360 is true, and same for ps3. Dont get offended, he's just saying that pc's can do the same as the consoles. Dnt cry, hes not bad mouthing you. The gfx cards in the consoles are dated now the 9 series are out.
Posted 05:32 on 21 October 2008
depape's Avatar
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I fully agree to Stude even though i think the force unleash sucks!
jedi knight 2 and jedi knight jedi academy are in fact the best star wars games so far.
why don't they just get raven to make a new jedi knight?
Posted 16:58 on 20 October 2008
dreamhunk's Avatar
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I have a new link to add reports thats a Gears of War 2 Torrent has been uncovered in the murky underworld of file-sharing websites.
Posted 16:50 on 20 October 2008
JoeMamma's Avatar
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Jedi Knight 2 was actually made by Raven.

100 million PCs better than the 360, lol riiiight.

It def isn't coming to PC since they already laid off the dev team.

Who the heck would put a game like that on PC anyway, it would just be pirated to death.

Time for a new spokesperson!
Posted 16:47 on 20 October 2008
Morry's Avatar
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The average joe won't pirate a good game, there is just an increasing amount of poorly made games out there that people don't want to support a massive company that churns out the same old titles. That's one of the motivations behind piracy.
People don't want to hurt the companies they respect, so if you have a decent game, people will pay more because they want to.
Posted 12:11 on 20 October 2008
JDA's Avatar
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100 million PCs with better capabilities than Xbox 360? PLEASE... If you're going to debate against hyperbole don't use hyperbole yourself.

BTW, I thought people in an 'alliance' weren't supposed to say that others haven't contributed?
Posted 20:04 on 19 October 2008
XYZdude0's Avatar
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Bull crap they are just being lazy and are not willing to put in the time necessary to code it so that different pc's can play it, and if you look at the actually game, you can tell that the programmers are lazy by just the console games
Posted 06:39 on 19 October 2008
RecoN's Avatar


This is to all who think that pc gamers just want to rip Force unleashed, **** YOU! I have ******** to say i pay to play for my games. Im not pirate and proud of it, so stfu!

Pc gamers made Lucas arts so respect the pc gamers a little bit more please, other wise you wouldnt of had your console version.
Posted 23:06 on 18 October 2008
dreamhunk's Avatar
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dreamhunk@ Netmind

By the way I am going say one more thing pirates are not going to ask for the game they must likely already have played the game and got their hands on it.

Here we have game devs turning their backs on the very gamers that made what they are today! Some of those companies would have been nothing with their fans! I call that bad marketing!

There is even some places in the world where don't even have consoles! hey at least epic games was respectful enough not to lie to their fans about gear of war 2 on the pc.

some one once told me money is the root of all evil!
Posted 21:21 on 18 October 2008
Netmind's Avatar


People download Xbox360 games illegally as well, but sure, PC is worse..
But not everyone does this, and if Lucas Arts could just use their brain and figure out an antipiracy thingie that Ubisoft got, maybe problem is solved.
Hopefully they wont find a way around FarCry2..
Screw LucasArts.
Posted 21:10 on 18 October 2008
dreamhunk's Avatar
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dreamhunk@ dazza

Originally Posted by dazza
Has anyone told him that lucasarts & EA are about to announce the most expensive game in history.....for the PC?
If lucas arts care about their fan base they would have never lied to them. I think you should ask star wars pc gamer fans why they would want it on pc

you should also go the lucas arts fourm ask there too as well!

about you go and say that to these people here
Posted 20:59 on 18 October 2008
dazza's Avatar
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Has anyone told him that lucasarts & EA are about to announce the most expensive game in history.....for the PC?
Posted 20:57 on 18 October 2008
dreamhunk's Avatar
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dreamhunk@ jebe

Originally Posted by jebe
you all want the pc version to download it ilegally from the torrent sites. Shame..
you should take a good look at this link here

and this link here where I have place more info
Posted 20:33 on 18 October 2008
jebe's Avatar
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you all want the pc version to download it ilegally from the torrent sites. Shame..
Posted 20:31 on 18 October 2008
dreamhunk's Avatar
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dreamhunk@ Aaron

Originally Posted by Aaron
Why should they bring it to pc users if you all are just going to pirate the game anyways?
chances are pirates have already pirated the force unleashed to hell and back on console already! I bet it was pirated as soon as the game went gold!

just like saint row2, GTA4, farcry 2,fable 2, fallout 3! you don't hear the media talking about those pirated game, here I am going to give a link

fact is micro soft and sony want to control games and pc gaming. They know that pc gaming always be better and people would buy pc game over consoles games if they are better.

too back my commets here is a link here

oh I have more here
Posted 20:25 on 18 October 2008

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