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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed screenshot
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed screenshot

Cameron Suey, producer of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of upcoming Star Wars game The Force Unleashed, has said he understands the concerns of PC gamers left in the cold by developer LucasArts' decision not to release the game on that platform.

LucasArts suffered a torrent of abuse from PC gamers following our May 2008 interview with Suey, where he explained that the reason the developer wasn't releasing a PC version was because of the difficulty of scaling the game so that it was playable on PCs of varied power. The interview currently has four pages of comments, most of which are negative towards the move and the reasoning behind it.

When we caught up with Suey at Leipzig Games Convention last month, we asked him how he felt about the overwhelmingly negative response to his explanation for the move.

He said: "Wow. OK that's interesting. Obviously the reason I'm doing this and the reason I think any of us is doing this is because we love games and we want to make games for people who love games. So any time someone's not happy with something, I won't say it's difficult because you have to deal with it, but we would totally prefer everybody to be as happy as possible, you know we want to make everybody as happy as possible.

"In this case, it just really wasn't feasible. As much as I really understand everybody's concerns and I really understand that people want to play the game on their platform of choice, the truth of it is, the way this game is designed, based around these physics, that are simulation based and very procedural, it would take a very powerful PC to pull them off. This is definitely stretching the Xbox and the PS3 really to the farthest they can go.

"And yet high-end PCs definitely would be able to do it. Traditionally the way you get a game on multiple PCs is you have to scale the graphics down, right? Unfortunately physics, especially procedural physics, it's impossible to scale it and if you did scale it or turn it off or turn it down it would fundamentally change the way the gameplay works. It would just be too limited for us. It was a difficult decision to make but you can't scale the physics."

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is due out for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PSP and Nintendo DS on September 19. You can get all the latest trailers, screen shots and hands-on previews over on our game page.

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User Comments

Mark's Avatar
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This is completely BS
PS3 and Xbox 360 are the same than PC in fact those new console are PC based with CPU and GPU stack on a Mobo and sold in package with their own OS system.

The fact is that several company release unfinished game or weak port for PC because they don't want to bother with patch or crap like this.

Well mister Lucash who make Lucasarts on the map PC gamer`s.
But i see loyalty only go 1 way in this industry.

And you have the RIAA gestapo to cover your rear.

I would laugh if their a smart guy making mod or emulator so pc gamer can play the game and you receive no more $$$ from a piss off fan
Posted 05:49 on 01 March 2009
Will's Avatar
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So they cant make it for PC because it cant be scaled down???, im not sure what Processor a Nintendo DS has but If they can make it work on that I think their excuse is utter Bulls**t
Posted 19:02 on 19 January 2009
CH's Avatar
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PS2. Wii. Freakin hand helds.
Just say it's because yer afraid of all da pie rats and be honest.
Posted 21:00 on 04 December 2008
Zeloran's Avatar


Okay, let's see...

1) We have a PS2 and a Wii version, which means there physics can be handled by those two consoles just fine. So, if they were concerned about a PC not handling the physics, then why they didn't make a PC port with the Wii or PS2 physics?

2) Okay, let's say they didn't want to do that because they didn't want to give PC users a "crippled" game. Very well then, don't. Just optimize the game engine properly for PC. After all, the engine uses third-party technology: Havok (works on PCs), Euphoria (works on PCs) and DMM (guess what, works on PCs too), so optimizing the whole thing for the PC won't be impossible.

3) Okay, let's say that after the optimization the game's still unplayable on anything lower than a high-end PC. What the heck, just release the game anyway with a high system requirement. Lots of games have done that in the past (Deus Ex, Deus Ex 2, Doom 3, Crysis, etc.) and nobody complains. After all, we PC users update our computers roughly once a year or so, most of the time to be able to play the newest games at their fullest.

I think they decided that porting the game for the PC simply wasn't worth the effort, and they gave us that excuse (which might have some truth on it) just to "appease" us. A shame, really. This game's probably the best Star Wars action-adventure game since Jedi Knight II, and LucasArts (previously LucasFilm) is well known for its PC games. It's sad they decided to leave the PC out of the loop this time. Almost feels like betrayal.
Posted 07:38 on 01 December 2008
G's Avatar
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Bull crap with Nvidia's CUDA that problem has been out of the picture. Lucas can just go pack indy's fudge!
Posted 18:13 on 31 October 2008
COke3rd's Avatar
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**** LucasArts from now on. I will never buy another of their games since they ****ed us on this game!
Posted 15:17 on 19 October 2008
ChuchoFett's Avatar
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If you can make a game that runs on a console that cannot be upgraded like a pc (ps3, xbox360, wii, etc.) you can sure make a game for high-end pc's and then some people would at least upgrade their pc's so they can play it. So what's the big deal of not making it for pc, if you are already making us buy high-end pc's "consolized" (xbox 360, ps3, wii, etc. = all high-end pc's customized in a way that common public can't upgrade or customize like pc's can!! SO STOP GIVING SUCH STUPID EXCUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: to all you fans, gamers, friends, not friends, anyway all except lucasart, sorry for my bad english.
Posted 04:43 on 02 October 2008
ChuchoFett's Avatar
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I'm really sorry to hear that in lucasart game developer's crew there is so much incompetence. You don't expect a game to behave some way you work around so that you can satisfy your costumers or fans you don't go crying that you can't do it, sigh!! You should really learn from the guys at Crytek that not only made Physics Scalable but that the game behaves fairly right at low Physics and can be played in mid, mid-high end pc's, Crysis looks and behaves way much better than this great game will!!! I really was a fan of lucasart, damn, why do they had to f...d up that bad!!
Posted 04:35 on 02 October 2008
Gaz's Avatar
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Also I am resolved to download a version of the game for 360 ps3 and wii and distribute them to as many people as I can in defiance of this alleged piracy problem. As an old man once said to me, 'You should fight fire with fire, You should fight everything with fire!'
Posted 01:46 on 28 September 2008
Gaz's Avatar
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I'm of half a mind. I have played this on the missus' 360 and its been loads of fun. I would only want it out on the pc to mod it. I am still angry at lucasfarce because its the princaple of the thing. I remember the days of X-wing and Dark Forces where lucasarts made themselves on the pc and now they abandon it due to a bunch of lies and piracy? everyone knows its not that bad a problem (just check the seeders for most new games and you'll find out^^) . The last game I played of lucasarts was republic commando for the PC and it was amazing. This game is also good fun. I hang my head in pity for lucasarts for they have shamed themselves this time. All I'm trying to say is that the game not being out on the PC doesn't matter to me, every serious gamer should have a console for when (justifiably) console only games come out. What bothers me is that lucasfarce has abandoned the people that built it and it would not suprise me if they lost alot of fans to this, I know I wont be buying them again.
Posted 01:43 on 28 September 2008
OBL's Avatar
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Keep saying that but YOU MADE IT FOR THE FREAKING PS2 and PSP
Posted 22:51 on 20 September 2008
Aurora's Avatar
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Not spending a dime on lucasart games before they release this for PC.
And its all lies, they could easy make it for PC, they just dont wanna bother.

Lamers, is what i call them.
Posted 20:57 on 19 September 2008
Firestorm's Avatar
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I say BS Suey! If the "physics" can be changed for release on PS2, Wii, PSP, and DS (FOUR of the six "next gen" consoles!), then they can most certainly be scaled and modified for PCs! Either the developers were just plain lazy, OR they figured they would get more money from the console crowd! Stop BSing us, LucasArts, sit down, and do some REAL work!!!!
Posted 03:39 on 19 September 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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I do not know what the problem is. Why are you all raving for this game. read te review and I will not spend a nother though on it. It is like the previous guy said" why are you begging. the company shoud beg for your money.

I tried Crysis, Doom 3, etc. same boring stuff. Farcry 1 was better. COD 4 is OK, Stop following the hype. Best game ever BF2. After that everything become boring, even eye candy.

Tis begging is getting on my nerves. There are a lot of better games available.
Posted 19:11 on 18 September 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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What a joke, they're releasing it on PS2!!!! A real shame
Posted 02:10 on 18 September 2008

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