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Star Ocean: The Last Hope screenshot
Star Ocean: The Last Hope screenshot

Kotaku reports that Square Enix's Star Ocean: The Last Hope for Xbox 360 has made a successful start in Japan, selling 166,027 copies in its first week.

The game's four day haul compared favourably with current Xbox 360 best-sellers in Japan: Blue Dragon and Tales of Vesperia, which have sold 203,740 and 170,024 units respectively. The release of the game also lifted Xbox 360 console sales to 24,584 units for the week.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope is scheduled for a spring release in Europe and PAL territories.

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I'd like to say 'thanks' to the western reviewers so far who have managed to do full reviews for the US version without comparing it to a game that won't be out for another 18-24 months and about which we know pretty much nothing.

April 24th for Europe's release is the current pencilled in date for those awaiting Last Hope with baited breath, and it looks like BradyGames are doing the paperback guide which should be available by the end of February if you want to swot up beforehand.

FYI: Famitsu scored it 9/9/8/8 (34/40), their main concerns being wonky camera outside of battle and the voice acting, aside from that they were very glowing about it.

In comparison Famitsu scored:

Last Remnant 38/40
Blue Dragon 37/40
Lost Odyssey 36/40
Tales of Vesperia 35/40
Infinite Undiscovery 31/40

Star Ocean fans don't really care, they just want to get their mitts on it.
Posted 14:01 on 24 February 2009

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