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Splinter Cell: Conviction Preview for Xbox 360

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Splinter Cell: Conviction screenshot
Splinter Cell: Conviction screenshot

You can't accuse Ubisoft of resting on its laurels. In Splinter Cell it has a tried and trusted franchise with a fan base that knows what it wants: action stealth gameplay, complete with plenty of cool gadgets and a serious storyline. Lead man Sam Fisher is undoubtedly a hard man, but he's always been more about silently infiltrating bases than shotgunning someone in the face. Well, Conviction's Fisher is a broken man. He can't get over the loss of his daughter, and has left the Third Echelon - the black-ops sub-division within the NSA. When a man is this close to the edge, it seems he's a lot more willing to run up to an enemy and fire a pistol into their body at close range. Sam might have lost his trademark black outfit and night vision goggles, but he's more bad-ass than ever before.

Clearly, Ubisoft has decided that in a world where action heroes like Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer, and James Bond are more than sneaky agents, Sam Fisher needs to show what a power house he is, and from the opening levels it seems like a wise move. The widely seen interrogation scene that takes place inside a dingy public bathroom is a perfect example of this new Sam. He's on a mission and will stop at nothing to get the information he needs. If that requires a man's skull to be smashed through a sink, into a mirror, and then kicked in, so be it.

You might be concerned that Conviction isn't really a Splinter Cell game at all, but instead a straight up third-person shooter with melee combat, but fear not. After sampling the first few levels of the Xbox 360 version it's clear that Ubi's latest is still very much a Splinter Cell game. Sam doesn't have his night vision goggles (at least not in the stages I've played), but he still uses darkness to stay hidden – the game using grey-scale when you're in the shadows. There's a neat cover system, too, allowing you to hop from location to location while staying out of sight. This isn't Splinter Cell of War, though, with full-on assaults still resulting in death, or at least a hasty backtrack to safety.

What you get here is more brutal stealth gameplay. You may take out some lights to give you a safe passage through an area full of guards, but spot one in isolation and Sam can quickly and easily instant kill him, using a weapon or otherwise. These up close and personal kills are incredibly satisfying and are used to give you access to Conviction's big new feature: Take Downs. A melee kill will grant you use of a takedown, and depending on your weapon this will allow you to mark and instantly kill two or more enemies. You can pre-mark targets, too, so if three enemies are hauled up in a room, you can mark the two most distant ones, storm in, instant kill the guy nearest to you, then tap Y to dispatch the others. It's over in no time at all and no-one's had time to radio in for help.

Gun-play is equally meaty. Your stock silenced pistol will send enemies to an early grave with just a single shot to the head, while semi-auto and automatic guns will let you dispatch goons should you find yourself in a situation where stealth isn't the answer. Popping out of cover to headshot an enemy feels great and performing certain moves will earn you points to spend on weapon upgrades. These upgrade stations are conveniently located in each level, and assuming you're playing the game well enough it doesn't take long to purchase a few essential upgrades to your guns' accuracy and stopping power.

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User Comments

Steverulez's Avatar


Liked the demo, looks good, interesting way of doing objectives the development time has been well spent. Needs a little polish before release but its obviously not from the full version as its so early.
Still, will look to pick this up!
Posted 17:30 on 18 March 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


Omg I can;t wait for this!
I'm downloading the demo now but my crappy internet is taking ages.
I can;t bloody wait for this GAME :D:D:D:D
Posted 17:25 on 18 March 2010
scaz2244's Avatar


playd the demo was pretty good didnt like the fact u couldnt use the instant kill marker all the tima and had to kill men with using cqc but it would make the game a lot easier but overall seemed pretty good loking forward to the co op aswell seems like this games got the lot april 16 cant come any faster
Posted 16:45 on 18 March 2010
dazzadavie's Avatar


Umm demo today, half day booked to take the missus to see a Physiotherapist, so will give me time to ether play demo or read this umm Sorry Tom I'll try and read it later
Posted 09:47 on 18 March 2010
South_East_Jedi's Avatar


can't wait, demo out today and I think I'll go back through Double Agent to get my skills back!
Posted 08:57 on 18 March 2010

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