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Splinter Cell: Conviction screenshot
Splinter Cell: Conviction screenshot

Ubisoft has confirmed to VideoGamer.com that Splinter Cell: Conviction, announced as a PC and Xbox 360 title, will not be coming to PS3 and will not be coming out on April 1, as previously rumoured.

Yesterday online reports suggested the game was set to appear on Sony's next-gen console - a rumour sparked by UK specialist retailer GAME, which listed the title on its website.

However, speaking to VideoGamer.com today, a spokesperson for Ubisoft clarified the situation, saying the retailer made a mistake, the game was not coming out on the PS3 and laughed off the suggested April 1 release date.

"This is just a mistake by the retailer. The game is not coming out on PS3 nor is it coming out on April 1. We're sticking to the original announcement", said the spokesperson.

The news will come as some disappointment to PS3 owners who had hoped to see the title appear on Sony's console.

In November last year Ubisoft announced that Splinter Cell: Conviction had slipped, with a vague fiscal 2008-2009 (April 08-March 09) release date penned. Unfortunately Ubisoft couldn't offer a more concrete date at this time.

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User Comments

stuart7's Avatar

stuart7@ saminseattle

DOnt get Infamous,Killzone2. They Suck. I have infamous it was so stupid. And ive played killzone 2 and it was pathetic.
Posted 01:27 on 06 July 2010
stuart7's Avatar


Its coming out for ps3 on
BEST CASE: july 06 2010
AVERAGE: Aug 20 2010
Worst Case: Sep 12 2010
Posted 01:24 on 06 July 2010
Steverulez's Avatar


Well the point of not putting it on PS3 was that Microsoft obviously offered them an acceptable deal, like say Haze Sony offer Ubi a deal for it and they took it, it probably makes more sense financially for them to do a deal with MS and its likely they'll eventually put it on PS3 as well. That website linked in the second post still has the PS3 logo there even though it was 2 years ago...
If MS can offer publishers a good deal then they'll take timed exclusivity because they can put it on PS3 as well just later, and most of them have more content as well.
Posted 11:59 on 18 April 2010
Freehold's Avatar

Freehold@ jtorry

Okay seriously i don't get it... First of all i don't care whatever console you buy, just buy the console for the games you like. I mean i like both, but i'm a PC/PS3 user, the xbox360 isn't that bad i would even buy it as well if i had more money...

But whats the point of not letting PS3 have Splinter Cell Conviction? I mean come on... Like Final Fantasy for years it was a PS game and now it suddenly was for XBOX as well i was like okay... why is square enix suddenly moving to xbox? Well i don't mind that xbox users can play it now too, but why would can't have the PS3 have xbox game aswell? I mean why not share profits? It will most likely go to the gamer producer anyways like UBISOFT/SQUARE ENIX/EA GAMES... T_T so i don't see the point of not releasing it for another console
Posted 01:00 on 18 April 2010
Mysterio's Avatar


Woah, There Alot of Hate Going Around Here.
To Tell You The Truth It's a Timed Exclusive.
I Mean, I am Also Mad About It Not Coming To PS3 on time, It Feels Better To play it on PS3 The the 360. (Controller Wise).
Even Though I Have a 360, But I Decide Not To buy that Game for it, Since I'm Afraid Of Getting The RROD Nowadays. It's 68% Failure Rate Now.... =( Check Europeangamer.com For the Results.
Posted 04:03 on 06 December 2009
UbiBoi's Avatar

UbiBoi@ RaZoR_GTX

AGREED all of this is absolutely outrageous, considering it is originally a Sony platform game i don't think UbiSoft have realized what this will do to there reputation! i don't think there should be such thing as exclusive i think all consoles should work together to help each other advance Microsoft are just being immature and only care about the money not the gamers. this is pathetic, quite frankly i am extremely angry that they have done this. but apparently there is still hope for it coming to ps3.
Posted 13:54 on 30 November 2009
tomcats001's Avatar

tomcats001@ MasSaRi



keep MGS4
we will keep this.lol
Posted 14:33 on 08 August 2009
tomcats001's Avatar

tomcats001@ RaZoR_GTX

yep hes right.

Splinter Cell is an Original xbox title,and later ported to the other units. but UBISOFT like xbox alot more then SONY. and thats why they gave PS3 such a sh*tty copy of Double Agent. so I ask you. why would you even want a game,that the company doesnt really wanna design for,

and only give sh*tty versions anyways?
Posted 07:35 on 27 July 2009
tomcats001's Avatar

tomcats001@ jack

you said it looks sick,and ya calling xbox360 a terrible console.. you Just said it looks amazing, so how could 360 suck? lol
Posted 03:31 on 21 July 2009
tomcats001's Avatar

tomcats001@ rotinaj22

your an idiot ROTINA

360 has sold WAY more units then the PS3 has worldwide.
your INFO/sources are very wrong...

do some research mate.lol
Posted 03:23 on 21 July 2009
tomcats001's Avatar

tomcats001@ aMANDA


your not really a DIE HARD SPLINTER CELL FAN.
cos if that were true you would want to see how
the story ends,and Just buy a 360.

so no,sorry mate. your no TRUE FAN....

I am a true MGS fan.and really wanted to see how MGS4 ended.
so bought a PS3 (even though I didnt want it)

so NO,your no REAL fan....
Posted 03:21 on 21 July 2009
rotinaj22's Avatar

rotinaj22@ RaZoR_GTX

The reason why microsoft is trying to make the PS3 go under is they are losing this war fast. Sony has out sold both Microsoft and Nintendo in 5 of 6 continents and when the ps3 price drops microsoft is in for a rude awakening. And they are bleeding money bad cause of all these deals and screwing themselves so PS3 will be the dominate becasue they will surpass Microsh*t in the next-gen where 360 has ps3 graphics and ps4 has A DEVASTATING TRUE REALISTIC PICTURE
Posted 06:08 on 04 July 2009
tomcats001's Avatar

tomcats001@ saminseattle

hate to tell ya buddy...

FFXIII isnt PS3 exclusive anymore.lol

INFAMOUS always will be though.cos its sony funded.
same reason Splinter Cell Conviction will always stay exclusive.
cos thats microsoft funded this new one.lol
Posted 12:35 on 09 June 2009
tomcats001's Avatar

tomcats001@ saminseattle

you said you hate xbox360.

but you think this Splinter Cell Conviction looks mad...
soooo since this game was made for Just 360,
that means your saying the 360 is mad

cos it can play that game.lol
Posted 12:31 on 09 June 2009
tomcats001's Avatar

tomcats001@ aMANDA

well I hate playstation3....

and I cant Play MGS4..so its only fair.we have this.
since KOJIMA dont wanna share
Posted 12:09 on 09 June 2009

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