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Sonic The Hedgehog screenshot
Sonic The Hedgehog screenshot

Sonic's foray into 3D hasn't gone as smoothly as fans of the speedy blue hedgehog would have wished. SEGA's first Sonic game on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 was panned by critics and, although undoubtedly a better game, Sonic and the Secret Rings on Wii has taken its fair share of criticism.

Despite the recent run of bad form, SEGA still has confidence in its mascot. Mike Hayes, president and chief operating officer of SEGA Europe told CVG that SEGA is "not at all" worried about the future of Sonic and that he is "as popular now as he ever was."

Hayes also points towards SEGA's recent move away from first-party development for its own hardware to development for other platforms as a reason for the poor output.

"One thing to bear in mind is that Sega made software for its own hardware. We've only been making software for other companies' platforms for four years so, unlike THQ, EA or Activision, we've got to play catch-up in learning how to work with first-party platforms," said Hayes.

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Release a bloody update for the game that FORCES the camera to view from behind ALL THE TIME!!!
That's ALL I'm asking for!!!!
Posted 00:45 on 09 September 2007
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well he should be concerned because over here in the united states the 3d sonic games that have been nowere near as good as the 2 sonic adventure titles for dreamcast 8 years ago and since about 2003 the series has been deteriorating. My recommendation would be to make revamped versions of the original games and sell them on the xbox live marketplace and playstation store.
Posted 04:55 on 10 April 2007

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