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Sonic Adventure Review for Xbox 360

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Classic dreamcast platformer now in high definition.

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Sonic Adventure screenshot
Sonic Adventure screenshot

The updated version runs at a HD resolution, and a few graphical tweaks ensure it all holds together as well as a game released in 1999 possibly can. It doesn't run in widescreen though, so it's another case for those obnoxious borders to make an appearance. You can't miss them: they take up way too much of the screen.

As for the way it plays, well, it's the first 3D Sonic game. And it shows. Compare it to the promising Sonic Colours (note: don't let me down again, Sonic Team) and this iteration of the hedgehog with attitude feels slow, clunky and stuck wading through tedious environment after tedious environment. Sequences that look cool are often in areas where control is snatched away from the player, and any actual platforming bits are promptly ruined because of cumbersome, though eventually manageable, controls.

Even the levels don't do much to excite anymore. There are about 10 in total, ranging from the woefully typical – Ice Cap (ice) and Red Mountain (fire) – to the staple casino zone and 'Eggman base' final level. You run through most of them, in different configurations, as Sonic and then the other five characters: Amy! E-102! Knuckles! Tails! BIG!

With Sonic Team coming to the conclusion that stages need to be linked together by an overarching hub world – or, more likely, because they were trying to rip off the castle in Mario 64 – we also get Station Square, the Mystic Ruins and the Egg Carrier, three lifeless environments that serve nothing other than to annoy with their fiddly camera angles, inane puzzles and the fact it's usually far too bloody hard to find the next level.

And while the game was never a shining beacon of programming excellence, the trip to the HD era seems to have filled it with even more problems. I routinely fell through the map and, in one instance, burned through my entire supply of lives in a tragic instant death and respawn loop.

There's still something fascinating about it, though; I was compelled to see it through despite the fact it's not very good. And you can unlock Sonic's sneakers as an avatar award if you play for ten hours. But Sonic Adventure doesn't just make you realise its age, it also makes you question the world we live in: just how did this ever become the most successful Dreamcast game?

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Clamour, sirens wailing
It's such a bad sign

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Open your heart, it's gonna be allright


That is all.
Posted 13:58 on 23 September 2010
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Posted 13:02 on 23 September 2010
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sega should fund alpha protocol 2 not rehash their past. sick of them milking nostalgia now.
Posted 12:44 on 23 September 2010
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"It had been five years (and the whole SEGA Saturn) since Sonic & Knuckles"

Don't forget Sonic R on the Saturn. That was badass.

Edit: Just finished the review. Its all true, but I still love you Sonic Adventure. I still love you.
Posted 12:28 on 23 September 2010

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Sonic Adventure
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Sonic Adventure
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