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Bethesda has announced Hearthfire, the second piece of DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Launching on Xbox LIVE Marketplace next Tuesday, September 4 for 400 Microsoft Points (£3.43), Hearthfire lets players purchase land, build their own home and adopt children.

Bethesda says you'll be able to build your home in whichever way you like, "from a simple one-room cottage to a sprawling compound complete with an armory, alchemy laboratory, stable, garden, and more".

New tools, such as the drafting table and carpenter's workbench, will also let players transform quarried elements, like stone and clay, into structures and furnishings.

Sounds a bit like Skyrim: Minecraft to us...

However, those looking for new quests in Hearthfire may be left disappointed. There's no mention of any new quests included with the content.

There's still no sign of Dawnguard on PS3, either. Last time we heard from Bethesda, the firm said that performance issues were holding back the DLC's release.

Update - Bethesda has sent over a list of all the new features set to be included in Hearthfire:

  • Choose Your Land - Choose from property in the salt marshes of Hjaalmarch, the forests of Falkreath, or the vast tundra of The Pale. For the more ambitious landowner, purchase multiple plots and start building a real estate empire.
  • Customize Your Home – Expand your home with a variety of room combinations including an armory, alchemy tower, kitchen, trophy room and more. Grow plants in your new greenhouse, cultivate slaughterfish in the fish hatchery, house your Arcane Enchanter in the enchanting tower, or display your latest conquest in the trophy room. Add additional features like stables, mills, smelters, gardens and more.
  • New Objectives and Interactions – Guard your home from unwanted visitors like marauding kidnappers, armed bandits, and skeever infestations. Turn almost any follower into your personal steward to improve and protect your home. Or if you require more help, hire a personal bard or carriage driver to ease the burdens of home ownership.
  • Adoption – Transform your house into a home with Hearthfire’s all-new adoption system. Adopt children and discover new ways to interact with your family. Play games with the kids, allow them to have pets and gain new bonuses from having a family.

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User Comments

martinK's Avatar


RE: Adoption

You cannot adopt just any child. There are only a handful of kids available for adoption (there is a list here: )

Unfortunately you can only adopt Nord kids and not Khajiit, elf, orc kids etc. I hope Bethesda adds more kids to the list in the future, would be cool to have a Khajiit kid
Posted 21:15 on 05 September 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar


Not been keeping abreast of Skyrim news, so this came out of nowhere for me.

And I must say, this level of personalisation and making a homestead for oneself is precisely the sort of thing that I like to see in games. Here's hoping for an extensive array of tailorable decor options. Bog standard houses with default extra options, are one thing, but to make a home base your own is something else entirely.

Oh, this will get me back in to the game!
Posted 15:42 on 28 August 2012
Woffls's Avatar


Build my own home??!? Will be interesting to see how that works out on Skyrim's engine - I have enough trouble putting books on shelves.
Posted 15:30 on 28 August 2012
MJTH's Avatar


So less Skyrim, more... Skysims?
Posted 15:28 on 28 August 2012

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