Wolfenstein screenshot
Wolfenstein screenshot

Speaking last night during an earnings call, Activision Publishing boss Mike Griffith revealed that it will launch both Wolfenstein and new IP Singularity in the second half of 2009.

Wolfenstein, built on id Software's established video game franchise, is scheduled for a summer 2009 release, while no firmer date has been set for singularity.

Regarding Singularity Griffith added: "The game propels players into a sci-fi experience, where they must navigate through two intertwining eras to prevent a catastrophic accident called the Singularity. This game is already receiving strong interest from the media and again through the combination of a well vetted and research concept in a large genre with a top-tier developer."

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Wido's Avatar


WOLFENSTIEN!!! *runs round in circles*
Posted 21:21 on 20 March 2009
Shark82's Avatar


When watching the trailers for Singularity, it reminded me of BioShock.

BioShock: set during the Cold War-era
Singularity: set during the future...but shifts between that and the Cold War-era

BioShock: Plane crashes
Singularity: Jet crashes

BioShock: Travel through and try to survive in an underwater city alone
Singularity: Travel across an and try to survive on an island alone

BioShock: Creepy voice gives you details
Singularity: Creepy voice give you details

BioShock: Change and use your environment as a weapon while also using guns
Singularity: Change and use your environment as a weapon while also using guns

The difference is that Singularity doesn't look as dark and gritty as BioShock...it looks more sci-fi, which is fine. I just noticed those similarities, but the game does look interesting and fun. Hopefully it turns out to be good
Posted 20:35 on 20 March 2009
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I hope they don't screw this one up! Been looking forward to anew Wolfie game for ages!
Posted 08:59 on 13 February 2009
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Wolfenstein has been in development for years. I just wonder what the problem is? I think it was originally scheduled to have been released in March of this year. It's a game that uses an iteration of idTech4 (Doom3) engine, which makes it based on game technology which is at least four years old.

Added to all this, is the fact that neither Activision nor Raven seem to want to show us any meaningful footage of the game. What's up?
Posted 12:41 on 12 February 2009
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Posted 12:18 on 12 February 2009

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