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SEGA Rally Online Arcade Review for Xbox 360

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SEGA Rally Online Arcade features Championship Battle mode and Time Attack, and adds an online racing mode that lets players battle it out with up to five drivers around the world.

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SEGA Rally Online Arcade screenshot
SEGA Rally Online Arcade screenshot

Ting. That's the distinct, SEGA-smeared audio cue that resonates from your speakers when you flick through the menus in SEGA Rally Online Arcade. It's a familiar, beautiful sound - the exact same Ting which blurted out of your screen during 2007's SEGA Rally, a largely underappreciated racer from the now-defunct UK developer SEGA Racing Studio. While the team has now been snapped up by Codemasters, you wouldn't get a rich Ting like that in DiRT 3 or F1 2010.

It falls to another UK developer, Sumo Digital, to rev SEGA Rally's engine in 2011. But this 800 Microsoft Point title is actually the arcade-only SEGA Rally 3 wearing the 2007 console version's skin. This might come as a shock: you're only getting five tracks, for instance, and one of them is quarantined off from the others.

At first glance the amount of content on offer seems anaemic, which shows just how far the genre has come since games like Ridge Racer shipped with but a single course back in the mid 90s. This downloadable title finds itself at the mercy of the retail sector, with 2007's more developed SEGA Rally console game available second-hand for less than the asking price of this reduced digital offering.

Sadly, you're also forced into the 30fps mode of the console version as opposed to the silky smooth 60fps of the arcade game. The nice high-definition textures are still there, complete with those rich SEGA-blue skies, as are the lovely incidental details such as rockets taking off in the background, or a pack of rabbits running off the track.

You're also getting some of the simple flourishes you'd only see from this series, those simple pleasures you'd never get from a po-faced rally racer with Richard Burns in the title, or with the slick energy-drink sponsored riffs of DiRT. Ping-ponging around turns with comically wide drifts, capped off with bouncing into corners… it's as gleeful as it is impractical.

The main difference between SEGA Rally Online Arcade and the 2007 game is that this uses the handling model of the arcade series, as opposed to the more conservative approach of the failed console revival. This means silly inconsequential things like 'reality' and 'physics' have been thrown out the window.

Most corners in the game can be handled in exactly the same way. You don't even need to let off the accelerator; just turn into corners early and ease off the gas to throw the rear of the car out, and then slide around like a professional. You rarely need to worry about the brake. Instead you simply spend your time revelling in a smooth racing line, gliding along tracks like oil over water.

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i played the demo of this game,and to tell you the turth your better off just buying the full retail copy.
Posted 14:47 on 06 June 2011

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SEGA Rally Online Arcade
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SEGA Rally Online Arcade
  • Blue skies
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  • Doesn't offer anything new
  • Only five tracks
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Release Date: 18/05/2011
Platforms: Xbox 360 , PS3
Developer: Sumo Digital
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Racing
No. Players: 1-6
Rating: PEGI 3+
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