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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 Preview for Xbox 360

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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 screenshot
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 screenshot

If you've read our hands-on preview of THQ's upcoming SmackDown vs. Raw 2010, then you'll know that we predicted that there might have been a feature or two the publisher was keeping secret. Turns out, we were right. Read on for an exclusive reveal of three brand new features coming to this year's version.

WWE Rivals is a system that pairs every Superstar in the game, including user-created Superstars, with up to five allies and five rivals. These rivals and allies are ranked by the intensity of the relationship, so the higher the intensity, the more likely they are to interfere and get involved in your matches. You'll have the ability to change and customise these relationships, so you can tailor your storylines to your every whim, even keeping them on track with alliances depicted by the shows. Rivals and allies are linked back to Superstars, so you'll be able to spin a complex web of a plot and catch everyone in its many threads.

So, how will WWE Rivals actually work in-game? Well, during a match there's a chance of interference occurring against the Superstar with the advantage at that time. If the game decides it's time for interference to happen, then either one of your rivals or one of your opponent's allies will come running out. When they do, they can interfere in a number of ways. They can stand by the ring and break pinfall attempts, enter the ring and attempt a finisher, or enter the ring with an object.

Some Superstars even have unique interference sequences. When The Undertaker, the greatest wrestler that ever lived, obviously, interferes, lights go out and then, as if by magic, he's in the ring. Cue eyes filled with terror and shrieks from the crowd. When Kane decides to step in fire shoots up from the turnbuckles. When Triple H walks out, he does so packing his trademark sledgehammer.

It doesn't stop there. When somebody comes out to interfere with a match, there is a chance that somebody else will come out to attack the interferer. The idea is that the new system will recreate the drama and story you get within a televised match. You see Superstars running into the ring to interfere all of the time in real life. It's about time it happened in the game.

There is, obviously, a concern that the interferences will soon become very annoying. According to THQ, however, that simply won't happen. The AI system for the interfering Superstars has been completely revamped so they're more realistic and surprising. The interferers will leave once they have caused enough damage or taken enough damage, too. And, according to THQ, the WWE Rivals feature only impacts your Exhibition experience and does not carry over to Road To WrestleMania, due to the complexities that would arise from established storylines set in that mode. It can also be turned off in the Match Options, if you really, really hate it.

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It seems like they are going back a little to the old style of the storylines. The Road to Wrestlemania personally i dont like as there is not much in it. But with the new create a show/PPV & the change to share it online looks create. There also seems to be more superstars in it this year
Posted 10:54 on 01 October 2009

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