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Wii Virtual Console

Three new titles have made their way to the Wii Virtual Console this week. Double Dragon for the NES is the classic beat 'em up from 1988 and sees players take control of martial arts master Billy Lee as he battles to save his girlfriend from a gang of thugs.

Also new this week are the Commodore 64 titles World Games, an athletics title from 1986, and The Last Ninja. With sales of over 750,000 in Europe you'll be hard pressed to find a C64 owner who doesn't remember The Last Ninja.

Virtual Console releases
Double Dragon: 500 Wii Points
World Games: 500 Wii Points
The Last Ninja: 500 Wii Points

And the winner of this week's DLC Royal Rumble is...

With the Metal Gear Online beta going live a day early the PS3's PSN takes the victory this week. The might of MGO and the Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack is just too much for the other platforms to contend with. As ever though, the European Xbox LIVE Marketplace is able to offer new DLC before the Euro PSN, this week including both the Army of Two - SSC Challenge Map Pack and the Def Leppard track pack. The Wii, despite three new releases, still isn't able to match up to the competition.

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Must love MGS Beta for this delaystation. nice to know people always have something to look forward to... ALWAYS!! :)
Posted 21:30 on 25 April 2008
azure2s's Avatar


I still believe that the Nintendo Wii could overtake the other two consoles in the DLC Royal Rumble.
Posted 18:24 on 25 April 2008
Kiroquai's Avatar


PSN wins for Bishi Bashi alone :-D
Posted 17:24 on 25 April 2008

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