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The console war is fought everywhere these days, but the internet seems to be where people are most vocal. It also serves to give each console its own set of downloadable content, fuelling the war even more. Each week we'll give you a run-down of what's available to download on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii, and declare a winner.

Note: This round-up is based on UK releases to each console's online service. Releases outside of the UK could vary.

PlayStation 3 - PSN

With the revamped store now up and running PS3 gamers have their first content update for several weeks, and it's non-too-shabby either. There's a free dragon pack and title update for Lair, meaning you can now enjoy analogue controls. Also available is the highly anticipated Warhawk expansion, Broken Mirror, and the very exciting Metal Gear Online Beta.

The only disappointment is that the MGO Beta won't actually begin until April 21, but you can make sure you're ready to go by downloading the game files from the PS Store now.

Metal Gear Online Premiere Beta: Free - play to commence on April 21.

Lair Deadly Dragons Pack: Free
Warhawk Operation: Broken Mirror Pack: £3.99

GTA IV: Trailer 4 'Everyone's A Rat': Free

Head to page 2 for a look at this week's Xbox 360 Marketplace releases.

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Pangtong_Blademaster's Avatar


I would say PS3 and mainly because we havent had hardly anything off them in the last few weeks apart from the stunning MGO beta but hopefully HOME is just around the corner =)
Posted 20:24 on 20 April 2008
Wido's Avatar


Not being a fanboy at all. I see XBL have put up more maps for Halo, but with the liking of MGS online beta I thought that might win your hearts over for the most dedicated game to come out on the PS3.... Either way I have the PS3, 360 and the wii I would have them all hehe :D
Posted 20:20 on 20 April 2008

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