Saints Row 4 screenshot
Saints Row 4 screenshot

Saints Row 4 associate producer Kate Nelson has criticised former publisher THQ for its emphasis on using porn stars to promote both Saints Row 2 and 3.

"I did not always love how much THQ put an emphasis on porn stars," Nelson told Edge. "In Saints Row 2 and Saints Row 3 there was an emphasis on the penthouse girls, and earlier Tera Patrick. I think it's important in marketing games to make sure that the essence of the game is what's being marketed, and I think the porn star angle didn't really fit in with what Saints Row is at heart, which is a parody. We like to poke fun."

Nelson added that she "didn't appreciate" making Tera Patrick a special producer on Saints Row 2.

"Saying that someone who had no industry experience was in a role that is sexualised as a producer of our project, or saying the penthouse girls are our QA staff – I just...I can see the humour in that angle of promotion but for me that's the line where it gets into reality."

Despite all this, Nelson does believe the Saints Row franchise has "empowered minorities and empowered women".

"You can be an important female character – you don't have to have a D cup either," said Nelson. "You can be large woman, a small woman – you can be blue. You can be who you want to be in the game and you have powerful female characters written into the narrative.

"I think our game actually does represent women in a positive way, but the press will focus on, oh hey, there are strippers, or there's a dildo bat – it's unfortunate from my perspective that that doesn't come through. Because I hear women talk on panels and they're like 'there are no people that look like me in games'. Well, actually in my game [the main character] can look like you as our customisation system is so extensive. We don't get that across in our marketing or in the press because it's difficult – we only have 30 seconds to explain."

Saints Row 4 will be released August 23 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Source: Edge

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I think you're missing the point of what she's saying.
Posted 19:03 on 06 August 2013
BC_Animus's Avatar


I think Kate Nelson, like many people in the industry today, is completely missing the point of what made the previous Saint's Rows so unique and FUN.

Like she said the series' heart is about parodies - which in my view isn't about providing good role models for young girls, or empowering women and minorities, or promoting healthy living or ending of slavery or whatever the hell people think are important today. It's about ignoring all the rules and all the politicial-correctness of the world; making fun of all the sex and violence that the world is so obcessed in; amping everything up to a 11 and providing the gamers with a FUN world and characters that we can laugh at and enjoy.

If anyone's playing these games and thinking "oh no, I want to be a good role model for young children, so I really shouldn't be sky-diving as a topless gangster, and I certainly shouldn't be dressing up as a gimp and hitting that flame-thrower-carrying-minority-of-Mexican-descent with my giant purple dildo", then... well, there is something seriously wrong with you.
Posted 14:33 on 06 August 2013

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