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Saints Row screenshot reports that analysts Cowen and Company are expecting THQ to report a loss for the second half of its financial year, with a decline in sales of key franchises to blame.

"The WWE decline is particularly concerning since that franchise had been one of THQ's last bastions of strength," said Cowen and Company analyst Doug Creutz.

Creutz added: "The unit decline is not likely due to quality issues as this year's WWE title actually received meaningfully improved critical reviews compared to the last several editions."

Cowen and Company also point towards a year-on-year 19 per cent drop in SpongeBob SquarePants game sales, and a decline in popularity of the Saints Row franchise. The first Saints Row game released only on Xbox 360 and sold approximately 750,000 units during its first 12 months on sale in the US. Cowen had expected the sequel to sell in excess of one million units, but has now lowered its estimate to only 900,000 units during its first 12 months.

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I thought the WWE game SVR 2009 struck out badly. The game had some good improvements but lacked a story mode to keep players interested. TNA Impact had a storyline but SVR 2009 didn't. Hopefully THQ doesn't make this mistake again. For this year I have to say SVR went down as the worst experience for me but TNA was awsome even though it had no female characters. Cheers to TNA for their first game. THQ please bring back the Season mode and GM mode and build the game from there. Those were your key features also if brought back ( Create a championship ) try to make it so it can be defended in saeson like the million dollar championship was to add the extra twist and bring back all the loyal fans.
Posted 22:25 on 10 February 2009
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MC Crow

Couldn't really say it any better. The latest game was a disgrace. They get worse and less inspired every year. It's been totally phoned in for years and it's about time fans just stopped buying.
Posted 22:11 on 02 February 2009
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Is there an epiphany on the cards for THQ, as well? They've already had to close development studios. I don't find the news of under performance in WWE sales remotely a surprise. The game franchise's reputation, or what it had left after being hung out annually since the PS2 era began, to bleed some more in its under developed state, could not continue to be sustained; and I think that with 2008, people just felt they'd had enough of it.

TNA got off lightly for being a newcomer, (they need to act upon feedback though, in the event they are able to get a second game out) but most faith in WWE games was already lost by that point. Thinking on it another way, WWE, that's a game you can far easier leave than a true AAA, if you're looking to reign in. It's nowhere near being an essential purchase, even for the most devoted games fan. The yearly retread, oops, cycle :p perhaps even working against it now, as people realise: hey, it'll be around again next year, so perhaps I'll just see what it's like then...
Posted 16:54 on 22 January 2009

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