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Rise of Nightmares screenshot
Rise of Nightmares screenshot

Most Kinect games are a great opportunity to get your friends and family over, huddle round the TV and share a few laughs as you flap about in comical fashion. Rise of Nightmares isn't one of those games. SEGA's upcoming Kinect game is one to play alone, with the volume cranked up and the lights left on.

But Kinect doesn't like it when the lights are off.

It starts on a train, which snakes through the countryside of Eastern Europe. Our man, Josh, is enjoying a few brewskies (he's on holiday, after all), trying to block out the sound of his wife's incessant nagging. Eventually, she works herself into such a state that she gets up and wanders off down the train. She doesn't come back. And that's where the whole nightmare begins.

Setting off down the carriage in search of her, you get your first sense of how the game handles - how it uses Kinect (and only Kinect) to take you through its world. Getting your character from A to B is an interesting affair. Rock onto your right foot and you'll slowly plod forward. Turn your right shoulder to your left, and you'll turn left; turn your left shoulder to the right, and you'll turn right. That's all there is to it, really, but even with a setup as simple as this, it's incredibly hard work to get Josh to do what you want him to do. Trying to stop him from walking backwards was the single biggest challenge during my time with the game.

Thankfully, SEGA has implemented a feature that allows an AI to take over for as long as you wish. You can actively choose to put the game on rails, should you feel the need to (and you probably will). Pop your right hand in the air and Josh will walk on his own for as long as you keep it there, taking you to the next objective.

Anyway, Josh doesn't have much luck finding his dear wife, and to make matters worse the train soon derails, crashing in a dark and ominous forest. It becomes apparent that Josh's wife has been kidnapped and taken to an old castle looming in the darkness.

It also transpires that our kidnapper does more than just abduct pretty young women: he creates monsters out of body parts and random bits of metal.

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Cheers Jamn this is now ever so much on my radar.
Posted 17:03 on 10 August 2011

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