Battlefield 1943 screenshot
Battlefield 1943 screenshot

Microsoft's Xbox LIVE overlord Major Nelson has published the release schedule for content heading to Xbox LIVE Marketplace in the coming weeks.

Included is a price reduction for EA and DICE's Battlefield: 1943, offering a 33 per cent saving for a week beginning February 15. Also on the way are new additions to the Games on Demand store and a couple of new XBLA titles.

Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week:
Feb. 15: Battlefield 1943, 800 Microsoft Points

Xbox LIVE Games on Demand:
Feb. 9: Street Fighter IV
Feb. 9: Halo Wars (Europe, Australia and New Zealand)
Feb. 16: Resident Evil 5
Feb. 16: Beautiful Katamari

Xbox LIVE Arcade:
Feb. 10: Darwinia +, 1200 points
Feb. 17: The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom, 800 points

Xbox Avatars Marketplace:
Feb. 11: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Feb. 16: Resident Evil 5
Feb. 18: Metro 2033

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Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ Ghost5

Introversion do make damne fun games - it is a unique game and fantastic setting (that would make Jeff Minter proud! ;))
Posted 00:43 on 11 February 2010
Ghost5's Avatar


I Got BF1943 for 800 Points when it was the deal of the day in the run-up to New Years :p

Not played it much though...

Might get Darwinia + though as the special you guys did a few years back brought its attention to me.
Posted 14:45 on 10 February 2010


Time to get 800 points I guess.

I was thinking of getting this on XBL as well as the copy I have on PSN.
Posted 13:07 on 10 February 2010

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