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Our review for Capcom's highly anticipated Resident Evil 5 is still a few days away, but we've put together some extended gameplay clips from the PS3 version of the game. These HD 720p videos come from the game's first three chapters and don't reveal anything that we'd consider to be a big spoiler.

Big axe man on the loose
A flying threat
You hold the light Sheva
The Lost and Undead
Oil refinery massacre

Let us know what you think of Resident Evil 5 in the comments section below. Look out for the full review early next week.

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Jeff's Avatar
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I think you did really well if you were still learning the controls there. I got ripped apart my first few tries with the demo, and I'm a huge RE4 fan so I'm no stranger to the controls/gameplay.
Posted 18:46 on 05 March 2009
SebVG's Avatar


I was capturing this gameplay on PS3, and yes the first video is taken from right at the start of the game so I was still getting the hang of the controls, but a "bag gamer" is a very bold statement indeed!
Posted 17:53 on 05 March 2009
wx_wolverine's Avatar


i don't want to be mean but whoever was playing the first videos was a bag gamer, at least for a resident evil but in the last video it is better so i believe he or she got better while playing the game =)
Posted 16:23 on 05 March 2009
Karlius's Avatar


Sorry missed bottom section about review early next week.
Posted 15:05 on 05 March 2009
J's Avatar
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What console are these vids from? (Note I've not watched yet)
Posted 14:54 on 05 March 2009
Karlius's Avatar


It looks stunning simply stunning. Plus i just found out a i get a free Chris Redfield figurine for preordering with Game. Apparantly i'm in the minority :)

Anyway whens the full review out as I know you guys have had the game for a little while now lol at least the 25th of Feb. :)
Posted 14:22 on 05 March 2009

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