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A lot of bad things go on in the world today, and the media is always looking for a scapegoat. Once upon a time it was film, then it was music, and now it's our beloved video games. Politicians and certain ill-educated members of the media will blame video games for anything they can, be it murder, rape or even seemingly unrelated diseases such as rickets. The list that follows is 10 of the most controversial games of all time, and the reasons they whipped up such a storm.

Mortal Kombat – SNES, Mega Drive

Before the processing power of the PSone and N64, violent video games were a rare breed. In this respect, you could consider Mortal Kombat a pioneer of video game violence. It featured realistic character models, devastating 'finisher' moves, and more blood than a slaughter house. It's widely accepted that the controversy surrounding the launch of the game was what prompted the formation of the ESRB.

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altaranga's Avatar


The one that always gets a mention... Rapelay.

Storyline (taken from Wikia Gaming):
The player plays as a chikan (a perverted man who frequently fondles women) in crowded subway trains. A young woman named Aoi has the player arrested for molesting her. Afterwards, the player plans to exact revenge by molesting and raping her entire family. His first victim is Manaka, Aoi's younger sister; he rapes her in a public bathroom. His next target is Yuko, the mother of Aoi and Manaka, whom he rapes in the park. Aoi is the main character's third target, the woman who had turned him in to the police. He rapes her in a hotel after she is tied up. Afterwards, he brings out Manaka and Yuko. Yuko pleas with the main character to take her instead but her pleas fall short and the main character decides to make all three his sexual slaves.
After this, the player gets to have sex with them whenever and wherever he/she chooses.

Note: I have not played this game, nor do I have any interest in doing so.

Nice article btw.
Posted 08:42 on 06 May 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


What an awesome feature, but I knew Manhunt would be first when I hadn't already seen it.
I remember Carmageddon as well, such a funny game.
Posted 08:34 on 06 May 2010

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