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We're big fans of Resident Evil 5, but we're also very aware of its issues. With RE5 producer Masachika Kawata stating that Resident Evil 6 "could take anywhere up to eight years" to make we thought we'd let Capcom know what we wanted, in the hope that we'd speed the process up a little. So, based on our experiences playing through all the games in the series, and numerous contenders to the survival horror crown, here are our top ideas for making Resident Evil 6 a masterpiece.

Move and shoot

While we don't want the next Resident Evil to ship with controls as nippy as those in Left 4 Dead, we'd at least like the option to move and shoot. By all means make the aiming horrendously hard when you're not rooted to the spot, but it's time for the series to feel modern. We're hoping for a more horror-focused title next time around, so the traditional controls should still be an option - perhaps even the better one - but in the interest of appealing to as many people as possible, Capcom needs to go one step further than the strafing implemented in Resi 5. If Capcom wants any more help in this area, we'd settle for the controls found in EA's Dead Space.

Survival horror again please

The old Resident evil games were dripping in atmosphere. Part of this was down to the lighting, which was almost always dim and foreboding. This changed somewhat in Capcom's latest entry in the series, but we'd rather things returned to their horror roots. We want less sunshine and fewer enemies, but more tension. Resident Evil 4 and 5 were great fun, but you fought so many enemies that the games were more or less third-person shooters and lost much of the survival horror that made the series popular in the first place. Part of what made the older games so scary was not knowing when a zombie would appear, with less most definitely being more in the fear stakes. We're tempted to suggest that the traditional zombies make a return, but we love the giant mutated nasties found in the recent games too.

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User Comments

steffdogg's Avatar


resident evil 6 should be a 2 player like the first one but it should have zombies
Posted 02:39 on 22 February 2010
El-Dev's Avatar


Make the 1080p version tear free would be an improvement.
Posted 05:39 on 21 August 2009
Clavs's Avatar


Resident evil 6 should be a game with real horror this time, and with zombies back.... monsters and blablabla..... in some kind of city again.... co-op if anyone likes.... A lot of weapons, and not that crap of upgrating magazine capacity and the actual magazine is still same size for example in RE5 u can upgrade the 1st pistol to 100 bullets... how the hell does that happen? no We need something to be dificult, less bulets and original magazine capacty like the old REs..... Walking while shooting, that'll be great... Oh well i just hope hey make a real decent resident evil full of horror.
Posted 03:40 on 21 August 2009
Obrusnine's Avatar


These are some good ideas. But there could be a little more then just what you said. Like for one thing, I think that there should be a little more melee combat. Like, there should be... a system for melee combat that doesn't include context button presses. There should be a set of buttons that would unleash some melee moves. One would be the Weapon Melee move. Which would be a special attack depending on the weapon your using. Like, a pistol whip. The second would be a combination of kicking and punching by pressing it multiple times. The third would unleash moves for use when the enemy is down, like Chris's stomp move from RE5.

Something else that would be cool is a higher range of melee weapons other then the stun rod and a knife. Like, it would be pretty cool if you could use some machetes and maybe even a chainsaw.

I really liked you suggesting the multiple path thing, that would be SWEET. But, they could put a little variety on the multiple paths. They could be multiple paths of 2 people. I loved the Coop in RE5. They could make it playable in Single Player though. Like your partner not wantonly wasting ammo and not being used as a pack mule, but as a partner. They should make your partner a little more conservative. It would also help if there was a little more expansive mode of commanding your partner. But, back to what I was talking about. Each team of two could go through different areas and uncover separate parts of the storyline. Like three separate teams that will uncover different parts of the storyline to reveal a hole.

ALSO, I like sunshine, they should incorporate a way to make sunshine creepy. That's one of the things I hated about RE4. 3/4 of the game was night. I HATED it. I like sunshine so I can actually see. But, you're right about the horror. They should find some kind of balance between horror and action. But, in RE5 it wasn't hard as hell to find ammo, and that's another thing I liked about RE5.

Well, here's what I think could also make RE6 better:

Melee Combat: When you are close to an enemy, why can’t you hit them whenever you want to. Not after you shoot them in the leg or something. There should be some sense of melee combat other then your knife and a stun rod. I mean, wouldn’t it be fun pistol-whipping a zombie off of a building. Or, maybe kicking in there unmentionables. Or SOMETHING!

Stop going right through things: Sometimes enemies and other intimate objects just fly right through you, what sense does that make? If it’s an enemy, then it should you hurt you. Also, when you stick a gun at something, it shouldn’t go right through it. Also, when you shotgun the wall, you should see the bullet holes. Also, when you shoot a Rocket Launcher at a wall, there should be a HOLE! I mean, the big axe dude in RE5 bashed through a wall with his axe, why can’t I do that with a rocket launcher?

A Dodge Button: Instead of random buttons that dodge something, why not just put a dodge button?

More Melee Weapons: Other then a knife and a Stun Rod, you should be able to hold other types of melee weapons. Like a sword would be cool. Or a Chainsaw maybe?

Versus Mode: The RE5 versus mode is crappy. VERY CRAPPY. There are only two modes. What’s with that? They should have a versus mode more like Halo, Halo has an excellent versus mode. I mean, it’s a science fiction game, but they had excellent modes of team play and so on. If they incorporated THAT into a versus mode, it would be really solid.

Vehicles: I mean, I’m not begging or anything here, but wouldn’t being able to drive in this game be cool? It would be real awesome to run over some zombie’s man.

Horror: In RE5 and 4, there has been little to no horror, and more of an action forwarding. I mean, I’m ok with that, RE5 is one of the coolest games I’ve ever played, but what happened to the horror? They should really try and find a balance between horror and action.

Puzzle Solving: I’m not saying I miss this too much, but it was enjoyable racking my brains on difficult puzzles. There was little to no puzzles in RE5 and 4. They should bring it back, but, they should make their puzzles a little less difficult. Like, consider the Art Room Puzzle for RE1 for the Gamecube, they gave you no idea what you were supposed to do, only a very vague hint. They should make puzzles, but puzzles that aren’t only giving you vague hints.

Story: Not insulting anything here, but the story in RE5 was a little was a little too straightforward. They should spread it out a little bit. Also, I miss multiple paths from previous RE games. But THIS time, the multiple paths should go through different areas. And, you should be able to use all previous main characters, except the dead ones. Like, you would be able to play as Leon in one path, Ada in another, Claire in yet another, and Chris in another. Or the characters in separate paths, should be given teams, so that the game could still be co-op. Like Leon and Ada, Chris and Sheva, Claire and Jill, and so on.

More Single-Player AI partner Smarts: Not being insulting to the developers, but the AI partner in RE5 was playable, but she wantonly wasted ammo and was used more like a pack mule then a real partner. The game was to co-op focused. They should make it as playable in single player as in co-op play.

Organization: Sometimes, I get really frustrated at how you distribute ammunition between the two people. You can't put a specific amount of ammo with your partner. Meaning that sometimes, you'll be left with nearly none. That's why they should make distributing ammo more specific then '30 bullets per give'.

Storage: I loved the RE4 storage system. It was better there. They should bring that back. The Atache case was a great way to store stuff. The RE5 storage was pretty bad. They should also bring everything out of real-time. That was pretty bad. Its extremely hard to switch weapons when you have a couple of zombies after you.
Posted 00:43 on 12 April 2009
jakeistheman's Avatar


first 8 years thats way 2 long also this game is an 8/10 ok i bought it and liked it but with all these isuses idk how ppl put it as a 9 or 10. I really hope this game goes back 2 survival horror.
Posted 00:29 on 31 March 2009
Triggerhappytel's Avatar


I can't really argue with any of those suggestions; however I would like Capcom to drop some of the ideas introduced in Resi 5 (the gun-toting enemies, the use of cover) and actually return to the idea of puzzles and horror.

Regardless, I didn't like Resi 5 to the extent that I don't really care where this series goes any more. I can't fathom how this game got a slew of 9/10s.
Posted 21:57 on 30 March 2009
rico_rico's Avatar


8 year? what are they building 8 year is to much.
I see resi 5 for 360 and ps3 resi 6 for ps4 and 720 and resi 7 for what?
Posted 19:59 on 30 March 2009
CrustyJockStrap's Avatar


I am not botherd about moving and shooting.

The reasion their were no decpapetations in 5 was so that their would only be one relesie with out having to think about the over sensetive german market.

The rest I agree with
Posted 17:33 on 30 March 2009
thpcplayer's Avatar


great ideas some really intresting ideas
Posted 15:05 on 30 March 2009

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