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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 20 (Head over to our review - text and video - for our full verdict on the game), but if you own both consoles, which version should you buy? Read on for our verdict on which version looks the best, has the best online functionality and more. If you only care about the graphics, head straight to our comparison screenshots.


Rainbow Six Vegas 2 looks great, with some brilliant lighting, plenty of next-gen effects and for the most part a solid frame rate. The two console versions do have a few differences though. The Xbox 360 version runs at a slightly faster frame rate at points, while the PS3 game offers greater bloom effects, making for a more exciting looking game. Texture work on the two is nearly identical, but when running side by side the 360 version has the slight edge on texture quality.


The original Rainbow Six Vegas looked considerably worse on the PlayStation 3, but the sequel is a far more optimised release. Faced with the choice of the version with a generally smoother frame rate or the game with some brighter lighting, we'd have to go with the smoother frame rate. Xbox 360 takes the win in the graphics section, but only by a whisker.

You can see a direct comparison of the two games running side by side in our RB6 Vegas 2 Xbox 360 Vs PlayStation 3 image comparisons. PS3 screens were taken from the final retail game over HDMI with RGB Full. The Xbox 360 footage was taken from the final retail game over Component with the Reference level set to Expanded.

Onto page 2 for a sound comparison.

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Well well well...if you want the opinion of someone who owned BOTH consoles and played Rainbow six vegas 2 on BOTH consoles on the same hdtv...I sold my 360 and i had this game.......I kept my PS3 and bought the game again...and I'm truly amazed to see the graphics AND controls were better on the 360 version. Sure the graphics looks good on the PS3, but I find it's not as clear as the 360, which is a disapointment for the PS3 should be slightly superior but it actually fails at that. Happily for me, a new SOCCOM game will be released and I hope it's better than rainbow six............360 wins this match
Posted 04:02 on 07 September 2008
Yungqb7's Avatar
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It's funny because the graphics look so similar yet the ps3's blu ray disc is 25gb n the xbox commercial dvd-dl is 7.4ish. From that, it should seem like ps3 should a clear winner. But if a 360 could do that with a normal dvd-dl, what if they intergrated an HD-DVD drive (yes i know HD-DVD lost, but this is for games only). how would it look then? They practically double the size, so it could produce better results. The 360 is a true power house, to my eyes
Posted 23:14 on 28 April 2008
jack's Avatar
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its somewhat of a stealth game...make it look like one
Posted 19:16 on 26 April 2008
jack's Avatar
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the brightness on the ps3 pics is too high, i have the game and can make it look just like the 360
Posted 19:11 on 26 April 2008
dragon1nk's Avatar
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I love the way that PS3 owners get rilled over a bit of INDEPENDANT ADVISE) this is a review which they have no reason to lie about its an independent review for people who have both consoles and dont know which version to buy, I have a ps3 and a 360 and personally think that the ps3 visuals look a bit washed out and I prefer the Depth that the 360 gives. this creates more atmosphere, (this also apparent in some other games that I own. At the end of the day, If you have a PS3 Be happy that you have a Fantastic game with amazing visuals and a Blue ray player(what i use mine for), and if you have a 360 Be happy that microsoft made a console that can still Slightly surpass the PS3..... Result Both should be happy.
Posted 09:24 on 02 April 2008
mark's Avatar
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Wow, those shots are so close they almost look identical. It looks to me that the 360 version's detail is better close up while the PS3 comes out on top with obects farther away. Props to Ubisoft for making such a good game. Even though I generally like the PS3 better, I'd definately get the 360 version if I had a 360 because of the achievements (I played my PS2 with rumble off, so that's not an issue to me) C'MON SONY, LET'S GET HOME OUT!
Posted 19:40 on 22 March 2008
xboxnewb's Avatar
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Xbox, AOL for gamers. Xbox is a good system, but its easily the tard magnet system, if you think ps3 users wasted any money and you pay for live fees your are truliy a moron (who paid more than any ps3 owner for your systems costs, and still pay for it lol).
Posted 09:38 on 22 March 2008
Ginger_Jesus's Avatar

Ginger_Jesus@ Scabby_Sid

Originally Posted by Scabby Sid
ok, the graphics are so similar, that the only noticeable (if very slight) difference is the textures. also the load times, fine, the load times may be faster as PS3 has faster CPU speed, but how long will it take you to join into a game online? my bet is a lot longer that it will on xbox live. and Xbox isn't failure, it is, in fact, a very good system. i could argue that the PS3 "is failure" because of it's pricetag, it's sub-standard online service, lack of decent unique games, hell, i could go on all day! or, i could take the attitude of a PC gamer and say that they both suck in the extreme due to not being able to 3-SLI nvidia 8800 GTs, and run quad-core processors and OC the whole lot.

Hmmmm, to be honest there isn't much you can say between a 360 verison of the game compared to the PS3 verison. The online seems quick for the PS3 so far as I just finished playing a Co-op match with a friend, everything ran smoothly. The price tag for the PS3 is at a reasonable price, some great packages as well with the PS3 as well.

And the online is free, at least the service is very good for a free online. And yes the 360 does win comparing online gameplay and service between the 360 and PS3.
Posted 11:02 on 21 March 2008
CAD's Avatar
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Why is the 360 in Component and not HDMI for the comparison. I don't understand why sites do this and call it a comparison. If that is the case then the fact that the 360 in component that looks better then the PS3 in HDMI tell me that the graphics in the 360 will be way better because HDMI on the 360 takes component and glorifies it.
Posted 10:40 on 21 March 2008
Sam's Avatar
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PS3 Just isnt a good gaming machine get over the fact u blowed 400$ Vegas 2 Sucks anyway
Posted 02:42 on 21 March 2008
Linc[LFC]'s Avatar
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I have never taken a photocopy and it has looked better than the original and I have not yet seen a multi platform game that looks better on the PS3 than the 360 and the reason is simple.

While the PS3 might be packing arcane new techie stuff that can model a nuclear explosion in real time to 10 decimal places its actually a bit a sh*t to program and so developers prefer to write on the 360 and then port to the PS3. I think over time this will change perhaps as people get more familiar with the architecture but right now this is the case for the vast majority of games out there.

I have also had a chance to play about with the online services of the PS3 and 360 and on the MS platform it just seems so much more coherent, you have a universal friends list, you can invite to games, compare games played, message it really adds to the sense of community.

In time all of these things will come to the PS3 and ultimately I think it will probably be the platform for choice but at this moment (while Sony refine and refine after being late to arrive to market)having tried both my preference is for the 360.


PS, anyone else find that the PS3 controllers are made for little kids hands and that the 360 controllers are much more comfortable for long play sessions, I dunno maybe its just my huge hands but that's how I feel it.
Posted 00:37 on 21 March 2008
Big Bob's Avatar
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Big Bob

PS3 has better graphics on these screens. ps3 does however show its trademark blur/smoothing/bloom lighting effect that 360 doesnt do, 360 shows its crisper sharper look but inferior contrast (black are far more black but there isnt as much diversity) also found in all multi platform games.

the contrast on the ps3 is better due to HDMI being better for contrast. a 360 with HDMI will produce the same level of blacks and whites and improve with the "Over Dark Black" which all games on 360 suffer slightly.

I own both systerms and the 360 is curently a far better games console for a few reasons, cheaper(now only £159 pounds! almost half the £300 pound price of a ps3), Live is so much better that PS3's internet support, so many more games on the 360, the best PS3 games are multi format and you can get on the 360, gamer points may be annoying but dam its additive, playing ur own music in any game anytime is a really nice touch, the MSN friend systerm is better in 360 than ps3, rumble is better than SIXAXS and SIXAXS is weakly implemented into games where as the rumble works brilliantly with all games. you can configue the 360 so that all games automactly start with your perfered inverted X,Y axis and controlls and if you like the X/A button for speed in racers or shoulder buttions...

ps3 is more powerfull than 360.
xbox was more powerfull than ps2..

Power on paper doesnt matter if its not used.

the war isnt over. Yet. but current winner is the 360
I love my ps3 for blue ray films, but for games it has to be 360.

Posted 20:18 on 20 March 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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^^miles better on the 360, ok the sun looks better on ps3 but everthing else... 360
Posted 16:52 on 20 March 2008
Wido's Avatar


Not really bothered about the game, as the 360 verison and the PS3 verison is going to be the same. Its only the online gameplay which will differ from each other, I own the first vegas its ok. But I could point out a few improvements especially the AI's need a improvement when ingaging the enemy, and have loads of lead in them before shooting them. But everything else seems ok, maybe the duration of a level could be a little bit more longer I suppose.
Posted 13:51 on 20 March 2008
Rogue_Soul's Avatar


^I laughed at that. Great post Werdner.
Posted 12:01 on 20 March 2008

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