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Challenging players to become the number one race driver in a new world of exhilarating motorsport, Race Driver One will take players on a tour like never before.

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Experience the thrill of aggressive racing in GRID
Experience the thrill of aggressive racing in GRID

Experience the thrill of aggressive racing in GRID

Codemasters is well known as one of the leaders in the racing game market, but with the PGR, Forza and Gran Turismo series all leading the way the UK-based publisher needed Race Driver: GRID to be something special. With the most impressive visuals ever to grace a racing game, brilliant variety and game-making rewind feature GRID is everything we wanted it to be and quite possibly the racing game of 2008.

GRID sees you driving for a new racing team. To begin with you need to earn enough cash to buy your team's first car, and from then on it's all about earning cash and reputation points. Cash buys cars needed to enter new events and reputation points add up to earn new licences and access to new event tiers. Essentially, if you place on the podium regularly you'll soon be raking in the money and rep.

Things aren't quite as simple as they seem though. The events are split into three territories: USA, Europe and Japan. Your cash is put into a global pot, but your rep points are territory specific. So, you could focus on the drift and head-to-head race events found in Japan, achieve a new license and access to a new tier of events in that territory, but still be languishing in the beginner races in Europe and the USA. How many rep points you earn also depends on the difficulty settings you choose to race with.

Choosing harder AI racers, a fixed in-car view and disallowing race restarts all increase the potential rep points, but a harder difficulty also affects one of GRID's core gameplay features: flashbacks. At any point during a race you can pause the game and rewind back a few seconds, with the number of times you're allowed to do so being determined by the difficulty you've set - four by default. At first this magical ability seems like a copout, but it makes complete sense given GRID's arcade-style racing.

The in-car view looks great, but it's for real pros.

The in-car view looks great, but it's for real pros.

While previous games in the Race Driver series have been pretty hard to get into due to the simulation handling, GRID feels far more like PGR than Gran Turismo. In fact, it feels slightly more forgiving than PGR's already quite flashy driving model. With an emphasis on speed and some rather competitive AI drivers you're going to be having a lot of fun, but will also find yourself buried in a tyre wall fairly often. Heavy crashes can even result in your car being totalled, so being able to rewind is a huge relief.

Whereas in other racers you might take your foot off the pedal during tricky sections of track, perhaps settling for second place instead of first, in GRID you feel compelled to go for the win. Instead of worrying about every corner, you're free to drive how you really want, which actually has a very beneficial effect on your performances. The initially twitchy controls soon fade into the distance as you scream around each track, often not even thinking about flashbacks.

Although the early parts of your career will see you racing in the bottom rung of cars available in the game, you can accept freelance offers from other teams to earn some extra cash. These offers always see you driving in a high-powered car. One of the best examples of this is the yearly Le Mans 24-hour race - shortened to 12 minutes of game time. Unless you want to fork out for a proper racing beast your best option is to drive freelance for another team, hoping to place in the top three in your class. With a full day and night cycle winning this race is seen as the pinnacle of your racing career.

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User Comments

047gaboca's Avatar


I can't wait to get a copy on PS3. Sounds promising. I just returned my copy of NFS Prostreet, which is a huge letdown as a PS3 game. I still can't believe that, you have a pre-set configuration "A" and "B". That's it....Even PS2 games had like 4-5 pre sets, you choose from. GT3 in 2002 already had full freedom for customising your contol figuration.......hello it's 2008 now. Are we going backwards or what..??
Posted 23:54 on 08 June 2008
Dhekelian's Avatar
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I just brought Grid but can't believe the comments from fanboys on here saying it so good, anyone want to buy my copy?

It may be pretty but it handles like a pig, try using a steering wheel it is like driving on ice, where is the fun. I was told it is was more Arcady but in an arcade game the steering is true in Grid you spin and have a pretty crash.

i also have GT5p, a game that was half the price of Grid and in nearly every part of the game blows it away. Yes GT5p is a sim so what is Grid? It doesn't play like an Arcade game and doesn't come anyway near a sim.

I do think it is doing a service though, it lets us older players play in peace especially online where these people like to ram you, now Grid is out hopefully they will migrate there, Grid is definitely for young teenagers and boy racers who have something to get their angst out.

I own a PSE, Wii, PC and two laptops and I haven't used my desktop for months now even with all this dozens of extra things I could do, hahahaha. I prefer to stare at a 40" screen rather that a 17" one. These people saying they have paid three of four time as much for thier PC as a PS3 and get better graphics well, der, I should hope you do. Personally I need the money for better things than having a PC fanboy tag. I'm no fanboy of any console, I have a PS3 and Wii and do thier job and I'm more than satisfied in fact my first disappointment was buying this game Grid. I hope they don't do the F1 game it will handle terrible like this one with a steering wheel.
Posted 12:59 on 08 June 2008
Shaun's Avatar
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The game has excellent graphics even far better than GTR or Prostreet.But handling is extremely difficult.Sound is exceptional but there is a lack of gud cars like Evo etc
Posted 19:25 on 07 June 2008
Genius's Avatar
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It is sad to see that this is what gaming has come to. Blabbering over consoles like they are presidential candidates, speaking like a fool that hasn't been through grade school. Why can't consoles just die already? I have a PS3 and it just sits there because I have a PC that does way more. Gaming will always be best on the PC, and anyone who says otherwise is a retard. Also, GT5 : P has nothing to do with this game, it's like comparing DiRT to motorstorm, or Halo to Resistance, why can't it stop already, the games have nothing to do with each other.
Posted 03:58 on 05 June 2008
RecoN's Avatar


I got this game for PC today! OMG! This game F*****G rules! The gfx on my 8800gtx are way better than console version, i seen both demos on 360, and PS3, But PC tops them all!!! Im very pleased with this game! :D
Posted 11:34 on 04 June 2008
DForeigner's Avatar


Best racing ive played so far, too bad for a lack of larger screen resolution.
Posted 11:02 on 04 June 2008
zom's Avatar
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nice try b834d , but you can't return opened software of ANY kind.
Posted 23:25 on 03 June 2008
dj1974's Avatar
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why u all bitchin about which console is best u make me laugh i've had a 360 but now have a ps3 there both good consoles in there own way pgr loved it gt5 alot better than some of the others at least u can now slide ur car round corners 4 a change grid is a great game but needed a few more tracks i bet its great on all formats so just enjoy ur games and chill with the petty playground arguments by the way my dads bigger than ur dad LOL
Posted 15:21 on 03 June 2008
gridfanboi's Avatar
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Who says gt is better than grid? I played 13 solid hourse of gt but forgot about it after playing 13 minutes of grid. The graphics are simply stunning.
Posted 07:30 on 01 June 2008
b834d's Avatar
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u all know it this game looks grt but the handling is seriously i played nearly every racer know to man never had probs but this game had me tearing my hair out u cant trust video gamer this game is flawed pls trust me as i am a fellow consumer like u the handling is not right the game feels strange

bought fri took it back sat cant believe this aint mentioned in review hadling terrible
Posted 21:46 on 31 May 2008
u r muppets's Avatar
Delete Post

u r muppets

It makes me cry to see some of the comments on here. Makes me even more believe that you should have to take a cometence test before you can be sold a PC. Shame on you console fanboys, I have all the consoles, even the handhelds, and my $3k pc rules them all by a factor of ten.
Posted 22:17 on 30 May 2008
sunni's Avatar
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Great game , ran on 2 8800 gtx sli, on q9450, 780 board, controls are tricky at first, but a better experience was driving my ford escort after a bottle of whisky at full throttle, great visuals, but control are real tricky and hard to get hold of. The crash was is so realistic.
Posted 15:36 on 30 May 2008
jag's Avatar
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Commpared Spy Hunter screen shots on the commodore 64 to grid (Xbox360) and its tough to say which is better. SH has the edge. When its on cartride and not a tape. Good game but
Posted 15:14 on 30 May 2008
hamham's Avatar
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also, this all bodes well for the new F1 game

Posted 15:08 on 30 May 2008
hamham's Avatar
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to be fair to that 'mark' dude haha...gt does have better graphics

but come on!!!....this game beats gt hand down in every single other area!!!
cept number of cars and tracks...but lets face it

whhen youre on gt, who gives a damn about golfs and focus's etc
Posted 15:06 on 30 May 2008

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Race Driver: GRID
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Race Driver: GRID
  • Incredible visuals
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  • Great variety
  • Twitchy controls at first
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