Quantum Theory screenshot
Quantum Theory screenshot

Quantum Theory was a game that didn't really earn itself much attention on the E3 show floor. Why? Because it looks like a Gears of War clone, and with the real McCoy elsewhere on the show floor, gamers portioned their time accordingly. Taking some time out of the hustle and bustle of the show floor, I spoke to Makoto Shibata, producer on the game, to give him a chance to explain a little about the game, and how it was different to Gears.

Q: For those that might not have heard of Quantum Theory, could you briefly explain the concept of the game.

Makoto Shibata So, Quantum Theory is a third-person shooter, with a cover system, but coming from Tecmo we wanted to add a little bit of action to it. When we talk about action there are two kinds; there's a combination throw, and a combination attack. So the combination throw starts off with a regular melee attack from the main character, but if you time the button presses right Filena will jump in for an extra attack, and if you time the button press right again, you'll team up for a third hit. There are two kinds of combo attacks; there's one that will focus on a particular enemy, and one that will take out a large area of enemies, and it obviously depends on the buttons that you push.

The other kind of action is a combo throw, and again there are two types that you can do. If you tap the throw button you'll throw Filena above an enemy, and she'll throw down stun grenades to stun an area of enemies below her. If you hold the button down, you'll throw her at one enemy directly to do a lot of damage. Wherever you throw her after she lands, her AI will take over and she'll start fighting from that position.

Q: Can a second player look forward to controlling this female character in any kind of co-op mode?

MS: The story mode is single-player only. We kind of think of Filena as an extension of the hero's actions. But with the online network modes, you can actually select the female character to play as.

Q: So there's a full online multiplayer available in the game?

MS: There are three online modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Guardian. In Guardian matches, the team leader is the female character, and the other players will have to protect her from the other team. So as long as the team leaders remain alive, other players will respawn. If the whole team dies, that's how you lose. There's also a custom match, a feature where you can change different settings to customise your own game.

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scaz2244's Avatar


big fan of gears series but this doesnt seem anything really to look forward to
Posted 18:24 on 30 June 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


Doesn't look like my sort of thing. I tired very quickly of Gears of War
Posted 08:14 on 30 June 2010

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