Quantum Theory screenshot
Quantum Theory screenshot

Q: Your team name involves the Tachyon; a hypothetical sub particle that can travel faster than the speed of light, and the game itself is called Quantum Theory. Can we expect any quantum mechanics to appear in the game's narrative? I apologise for the nerdiness of the question...

MS: When the team was called Team Tachyon, there was certainly a link between the team and the title. The name Team Tachyon is actually no longer used, but the subject of the story remains the same.

Q: A few people have labelled Quantum Theory as a Gears of War clone. What's your response to this comment? What does the game do distinguish it from Gears?

MS: Here at E3, we want people to get their hands on it and actually play with some of the combination actions. We really think that gives the game a different appeal than Gears. Looking at shooters in general, they're always evolving, and we look to Resident Evil 4 as the start of the aiming and shooting kind of gameplay. Gears took that gameplay, added a great cover system and great network modes to evolve the genre further. We thought there could be other kinds of action other than cover to add to the mix. So that's why we're trying to incorporate those into the shooter. In the stage that we're showing here at E3, we're prepared for people to say "Oh, it looks like Gears" we understand this plays like a Gears type shooter - hide behind cover, shoot, keep going – but in the level there are different towers, and different structures of level designs that will really give it a unique feel, that will set it apart.

Q: And are you planning on supporting the game with DLC?

MS: We're still looking into specifically what we're going to do, but we're looking into more characters, network maps, weapons, that kind of thing.

Q: Thank you very much for your time.

MS: Thank you.

Quantum Theory will be released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 later this year

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scaz2244's Avatar


big fan of gears series but this doesnt seem anything really to look forward to
Posted 18:24 on 30 June 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


Doesn't look like my sort of thing. I tired very quickly of Gears of War
Posted 08:14 on 30 June 2010

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