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Treyarch is already thinking about a follow up to upcoming Bond title Quantum of Solace, the developer has revealed.

Speaking to VideoGamer.com in an interview to be published later this week, Treyarch's Adam Gascoine, the co-design director on Quantum of Solace, said that the team wants to do another Bond game because it "has a lot more to say" and wants the jump to be similar to the one gamers saw with Halo to Halo 2, and Call of Duty to Call of Duty 2.

He said: "I do know that our team wants to work on the next Bond. Because we feel we have a lot more to say. The first game in a franchise is never the greatest game ever made. We've got a really good game and we're really proud of it but we want to build. We want to go like Call of Duty 1 to Call of Duty 2, Halo 1 to Halo 2. We want to make sure that gamers can play this and say all right this is the start of a dynasty. This is going to get better and better and better.

"There's stuff we really want to improve on. We also want to get driving in the game. We had it in the game for like a year, but we took it out because we didn't want to do a license game where it's just got everything and is an average level all the way through. So we took all of those resources and put them into combat. But if we do the game again, another version, we want to put some of that stuff back in."

Gascoine revealed that if Activision plans on releasing a Bond game every year, as analysts have suggested, it will probably have two developers share development duties in the same way it has Treyarch and Infinity Ward make a Call of Duty game every two years.

You can check out our hands-on preview of Treyarch's Quantum of Solace, due out at the end of the month, right here.

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udamnweaksauce's Avatar
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i think treyarch killed the bond series

now its just another average everyday FPS game

the last best bond game for multiplayer was NIGHTFIRE and EA did a great job with it

this new one plays just like cod. what happen to the old bond game that take so many bullets just to kill someone
Posted 08:41 on 02 November 2008
jaferris's Avatar

jaferris@ Bag

i think the new bond game looks better than average
Posted 19:51 on 07 October 2008
Bag's Avatar
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Yawn, who cares, another average console game.
Posted 15:01 on 07 October 2008

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