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Tom Orry, Editor - Portal 2, Xbox 360

Portal 2 screenshot

Portal 2 is a funny game. The witty one-liners hit the mark every time and companion Wheatley is always amusing. It's hard to say anything about this superb sequel without spoiling something, with even the smallest moments being memorable events that you'll want to experience for the first time yourself, rather than second-hand via a friend's badly remembered anecdote. I'd love so called 'non-gamers' to give Portal 2 a try, but I fear the game's tricky portal firing puzzle mechanics later in the game may prove to be too much of a barrier to entry for many. I think Portal 2 has set a new bar for in-game dialogue that is going to be hard to better.

Neon Kelly, Deputy Editor - Borderlands, PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Borderlands screenshot

There, I've finally finished it. I'd heard from endless sources that the end to Borderlands' main plotline was a bit crap, and guess what - it turns out they were right. I suspect everyone knows this already as you all wrapped up the game (and its DLC) ages ago, but for what it's worth I think the last area is actually rather interesting. The supposed climax is a major letdown, but to be honest it hardly bothered me: I sat through the credits and then just went back to roaming about, shooting people in the face with my absurdly powerful acid revolver. It would have been nice to get a better battle at the end, but a game like this barely needs an ending anyway. Maybe we'll get a more satisfying conclusion in Borderlands 2 (it must be on the cards for some point soon), but part of me wonders whether a shooter like this actually needs an ending at all...

Martin Gaston, Previews Editor - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood screenshot

Brotherhood is an absolute beast of a game. There's something about Ubisoft's gentle mix of wading through shiny collectible trinkets to go alongside its nonsensical overarching narrative about an evil species of popes or something (I honestly have no idea), but it's Rome that's the real star of the show. There's a quick travel system in place through a series of underground tunnels, but I tend just to run, jump, and leap everywhere because I love bounding over the sights on the way. If you ask me, the reason Rockstar decided not to enter Red Dead Redemption into this year's BAFTAS is because it knew Brotherhood was going to mop up - and rightly so.

I do find it fascinating that Ubisoft is having such success in annualising a franchise which requires a significant time investment. My Rome is now 60% renovated, but I've barely scratched the surface of the game - I'm just coming to the end of the third memory sequence, so there's plenty to battle through before I get to the supposedly baffling conclusion.

Jamin Smith, Staff Writer – Infamous 2, PS3

inFamous 2 screenshot

Should I find the time to play Infamous 2 when it releases in June, I'll steer Cole down the path of the goody-two-shoes. I always feel morally obliged to play the hero in a game featuring a choice of ethics. So, when I played it earlier in the week, I made sure to make the most out of the opportunity to be evil. First I overloaded a generator, killing a whole bunch of civilians just to save time killing a few enemies. Then, out on the streets of New Marais, I revelled in throwing cars at pedestrians, filling passers-by with thousands of volts of electricity and generally going out of my way to beat the crap out of perfectly innocent people. By the time I surrendered my controller to the next journo, Cole's body was a canvas for menacing blue veins and angry tattoos, and the electricity surging out of him was red, instead of blue. He looked badass.

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User Comments

Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar


I've been playing Splinter Cell: Conviction, it's a pretty damn good game when you do have to go all out guns blazing, really isn't what splinter cell is about. I miss the old ones.

Also just borrowed a copy of Portal 2 from a friend so i'm up to chapter 3 and liking it so far. But i wouldn't say it's brilliant as of yet. Whatley is great :D
Posted 17:16 on 08 May 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ Wido

Test Drive 2 - As Wido put it! :p

Portal 2 - Just... brilliant all round.

Halo: Reach - got it as a free game, and have really enjoyed it! My first ever Halo game! Although the good degree of fun might have been due to playing it through with friends from the get-go.
Posted 15:32 on 08 May 2011
Wido's Avatar


Test Drive Unlimited 2 recently as of late. Getting back into the racer, and its charms are beaming through once again!

Also been playing my brother's copy of The First Templar. Rough around the edges but its certainly a nice break from the usual games I am playing at the moment. The plot of the game is very interesting, as you are in search for the Holy Grail. I practically like things that evolve around the Holy Grail and the Templars that sworn an oath to protect it. Not a bad game at all from Kalypso Games, and it is drop in and drop out co-op for leisure as well!
Posted 15:29 on 08 May 2011
Woffls's Avatar


LittleBigPlanet 2 - This game is really cute, and the presentation is remarkable. It looks great and the music choice is inspired to say the least. That said, I don't feel at all compelled to play it. There's no real objective other than getting from A to B and enjoying the little gadgets that it throws at you to manipulate the environments with. It's a really great showcase for their creation toolset, but PSN is down soooo... never mind then :(

Bulletstorm - Great game, can't really fault it in any way. The banter is second to none, as long as you're not one of those people that doesn't want people thinking they're a 13 year old for laughing at silly words. What I will remember about this game is how god damn good it looks. There's orange and tealing everywhere and the general artistic direction was just astounding.

Splinter Cell 3D - Ugh.
Posted 15:20 on 08 May 2011


Portal 2 - Found co op, mediocre and just wanted to finish it. Single player is brilliant and GOTY worthy, so far.

Medal of Honor - Yes, I know. I hadn't played an FPS in a while and I wanted to play some more of the campaign and it's easy to notice the flaws, but it's quite fun.

Civ V - Still taking up my time, but I have no idea why I'm still playing it. Every game plays out the same, high production, high gold, decent army and win by either time or space victory.

GoW3 Beta - Very good game, Im not too shabby at it either. The Sawed off is a little overpowered, but I can get over it.
Posted 15:05 on 08 May 2011

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