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Plants vs. Zombies pits you against legions of invading zombies bent on overwhelming your lawn and making their way to your front door.

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Plants vs. Zombies screenshot
Plants vs. Zombies screenshot

PopCap Games should be a household name for gamers. If you haven't played Peggle you're seriously missing out, and Bejeweled has eaten up far more time than I care to say. Plants Vs Zombies has already done the business on PC, Mac and iPhone, and now Xbox 360 owners can see why a game about plants is so utterly brilliant. PopCap's latest is a title so packed full of quality and charm that we can't think of anyone who'd play it and not find themselves hopelessly addicted.

In truth, the game isn't hugely original. You play yourself, an ordinary guy or girl whose house happens to be under attack from zombies. It's your everyday scenario really, and it just so happens that you've got an army of plant-based weapons and soldiers to help you out - hence the game's title. What we've got here is more or less a tower defence game. Your house is on the left of the play area, a grid sits in the middle - on which you can plant your weapons - and the zombies stagger from right to left in an attempt to munch through the flora and get to the front door.

Your goal in each level is to prevent the zombie horde from reaching the house, but it's not easy. Firstly you'll need sun, which as any good gardener knows is essential for plant growth. The sun appears as collectable tokens from a number of sources: daylight levels provide you with a small but steady stream of sun, sunflowers produce sun during day and night levels, and sun-shrooms (a kind of mushroom) produce sun during the night. Collected sun is added to your overall sun stockpile, which can then be used to plant various weaponised plants on the game grid.

There's an RTS-style cool-down period for each plant type too, so you can't just build up lots of sun and then spam-plant loads of the most powerful weapon type. Collecting sun tokens is easier than I expected it to be using an Xbox 360 controller, with the cursor semi-free to move while also snapping lightly to the grid.

Early on you're going to have to make do with the basic Pea Shooter (a kind of bog standard long-range fixed weapon), the useful Wall-nut (a living wall who gets sadder and sadder as he's eaten away) and the Cherry Bomb (a close proximity explosive that goes off more or less as it's planted), but before too long there's a whole heap of plant types on offer and a varied selection of zombies on the warpath. You'll have Potato Mines, Snow Peas (which slow down enemies), Chompers (zombie eating monstrosities), Repeaters (dual-pea firing gun) and a whole host of fungi weapons that can only be used at night - some being completely free in terms of sun cost.

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User Comments

Endless's Avatar


As it stands I think I might fancy myself a bit of Defense Grid instead.
Posted 02:45 on 12 September 2010
Roland_D11's Avatar


I loved the game on my PC and liked the iPhone version as well. I am very tempted to buy it again. If you don't have it already for anything, it is well worth 1200 points.

About the price: If you want to make a comparison to the iDevices, you should compare it to the iPad version. And that is about the same price as this version. The original was $20 at launch from the Popcap-site, it was $10 on Steam.
Posted 00:11 on 12 September 2010
squidman's Avatar

squidman@ Neon-Soldier32

It was one of my favourite games of last year, but then it only cost about £6 off Steam. I'd probably stump up 1200 for it, though, if I didn't have the PC version already.
Posted 23:45 on 11 September 2010


Is this worth 1200 though?
Posted 23:25 on 11 September 2010
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ Endless

To be fair, the iPhone version did lack all the minigames. It was cheaper for the reason that it wasn't the full game. But, yes, 1200 is too expensive.
Posted 21:37 on 11 September 2010
Endless's Avatar

Endless@ reynoldio

I believe it's on its way for PSN.

1200 may well be the new 800, but generally the quality and depth of game has increased to match it. This in the other hand is not. Imagine if it'd been £10+ on iPhone? When you can get Fieldrunners and Trenches for a few quid.

They'll be trying to sell us Bejeweled Blitz for a tenner next!
Posted 11:44 on 11 September 2010
reynoldio's Avatar


I loved the PC one - interestingly enough I played that for hours, built a massive garden and everything and then I lost the save... weird that it's happening cross-platform.

If it comes to PSN I'll pay for it again.
Posted 18:15 on 10 September 2010
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ Endless

1200 is the new 800. Gone are the days when MS saved that price for the special games, now it is the standard.
Posted 17:52 on 10 September 2010
Endless's Avatar


1200 points is absolutely absurd for this title. it's what? half that price from the appStore? The day something is cheaper on an Apple device is the day you sit up and think....wait a minute..what? It shouldn't happen.
Posted 17:04 on 10 September 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


Beat this game four times in total on my iPod.
Lost the save after beating it twice so I had to do it again.
Then I lost that save after I'd completed twice more and bought everything and got all of the achievements - disheartening to say the least :/
Posted 15:37 on 10 September 2010
dav2612's Avatar


Played the trial last night and didn't really take to it. Also surprised by the 1200 points price tag.
Posted 11:44 on 10 September 2010

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