PES 2013 screenshot
PES 2013 screenshot

PES 14 will make it possible for smaller teams to topple the giants in the world of football, a feature PES creative producer Kei Masuda believes will set the game apart from FIFA 14.

"Our ultimate goal is to let you win with the team you love," Masuda told OPM. "If we can make a giant-killing possible, it's a huge difference to FIFA."

Another feature which could help lift PES out of its sales slump is the ability to edit players on your phone, meaning time in front of the TV is actually spent playing the game.

"The concern is that [fewer] people will play games on the TV," he explained, "so we're trying to make it possible to edit players on your phone, or pick your formation. When you turn on the game, you can instantly start playing. One of our aims is for PES to fit our users' lifestyles."

PES 14 will also be a key marker for the future of the franchise, being the first to make use of a modified version of Kojima Productions' FOX Engine – a decision Masuda hopes will ensure PES isn't left behind when the next generation arrives.

"As we moved to PS3, EA changed its engine, but ours was based on the PS2 game. We only brushed up on animation and some of the AI features," he explained.

Expect a full announcement for PES 14 pretty soon. Analysis

Even with the FOX Engine do you think Konami has was it takes to put PES back on top?

Source: OPM

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Here's an idea for boosting sales: make it feel like you're controlling human beings! Easier said than done, no doubt, but this I believe is why FIFA is winning.
Posted 10:23 on 24 April 2013

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