PES 2011 screenshot
PES 2011 screenshot

So you now have more control of your player, but what about the ball? After all, the round thing you kick about is core to football and how you distribute it will determine your success. Passes and shots now use a power system, with a visible bar displayed under your player. You can also manually aim every kick by holding down L2. I won't lie; it takes a lot of getting used to. Even after I'd put in a day messing about with the game, nailing passes hadn't quite clicked. I'm sure it will though, as the improvement from my first attempt to my last was quite apparent.

Keeping the ball down when shooting is also something to be aware of. Player position in relation to the ball, your stronger foot, timing and power all need to be taken into account or else you'll find yourself sitting through plenty of tedious goalless games. Currently AI players don't make the runs I'd like them to, which makes breaking down opposition defences extremely hard, but hopefully this can be rectified in the coming months.

PES has fallen some way behind FIFA in terms of presentation, and while this year's iteration isn't going to suddenly propel it into the lead, it's a damn sight better looking than the previous efforts we've seen on this generation of consoles. Player faces look excellent, the lighting inside the stadiums has been vastly improved, animations are smoother and more varied and there's minimal slowdown. One area that could be looked at is the camera, which at times struggles to keep up with the ball - hopefully nothing that can't be fixed. I'm not so hopeful when it comes to in-game commentary, which barring a miracle will be just as bad as it's always been.

Every new version of a sports title requires hours and hours of practice before it starts to click, and with PES 2011 it's going to take even longer to work out if Konami has finally upped its game. What's for sure is that things are changing, which, considering the stagnant state PES found itself in, can only be a good thing. At the moment I'm left with the feeling that things are moving in the right direction, even if early impressions indicate we're going to get a considerably tougher experience than what's come before.

PES 2011 is due for release later this year on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. It'll also be released on PS2, Wii and PSP.

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User Comments

draytone's Avatar

draytone@ El-Dev

It would of just been nicer for a more indepth experience in the manager mode. I still love the game.
Posted 15:33 on 04 August 2010
El-Dev's Avatar

El-Dev@ draytone

Hmmm, I don't think I'd let that ruin the whole experience for me.
Posted 15:32 on 04 August 2010
draytone's Avatar

draytone@ El-Dev

I won the Champions League with Barnet and the 'celebration' scene was awful, and it was over in about 2 seconds. I was like omfg poor Barnet!
Posted 15:29 on 04 August 2010
clangod's Avatar


Apart from around the mid 90's when I was playing nothing but fifa, I have always tended to opt for PES. Lately I have enjoyed fifa10 but haven't delved too much into it in terms features but I have really enjoyed the games I've played.

At the moment, I only actually own PES2009 which is okay I guess. PES2010 was only marginally better from what I've played but PES2011 appears to have improved the game tenfold. I almost resigned to buy fifa2010 a couple of months back but opted for a different game all together.

Hopefully this will be as good as I expect it to be.
Posted 14:57 on 04 August 2010
El-Dev's Avatar


There were a few problems with the Manager Mode last year, such as budgeting, team fitness, suspensions never being right, player recovery and players wanting £300k per week wages but it wasn't that bad.

Oh, and the manager appraisal system was f*cked.
Posted 14:47 on 04 August 2010
draytone's Avatar


I really hate the manager mode on Fifa10 but love the rest of the game . If it was massively improved on either Fifa11 or PES11 then I would buy buy buy!
Posted 14:35 on 04 August 2010
chelskiboy247's Avatar

chelskiboy247@ draytone

Don't quote me on this, but I believe that they've completely got rid of manager mode and replaced it with a 'Career mode'.
Posted 14:25 on 04 August 2010
draytone's Avatar


I don't know what to get. Is the management mode better than Fifa10?
Posted 13:16 on 04 August 2010
jase_ace_uk's Avatar


I'm thinking of buying both PES and Fifa this year.
Posted 11:50 on 04 August 2010
chelskiboy247's Avatar


For the last couple of years now, I get excited by a new PES but always end up getting FIFA instead. Hopefully this year will be different. With FIFA 10 being so good, EA will have to do A LOT to convince me to get FIFA 11. And currently, it doesn't look like they're going to.

PES 2011 on the other hand, is getting me very excited.

2011 - The year PES triumphs?
Posted 11:49 on 04 August 2010
El-Dev's Avatar


I hope the demo goes up soon, I've been reasonably impressed with the gameplay videos I've seen.
Posted 11:48 on 04 August 2010
jtorry's Avatar

jtorry@ El-Dev

I didn't. PES menus are always too confusing for me to understand.
Posted 11:43 on 04 August 2010
El-Dev's Avatar

El-Dev@ jtorry

It's more the passing and the player movement that has put me off the last couple of games.

Did you guys try out all the tactical stuff they've added to it?
Posted 11:41 on 04 August 2010
SexyJams's Avatar

SexyJams@ jtorry

That isn't a bad thing though. Maybe it's more reflective of football as opposed to the 10-0 games you get in Fifa.
Posted 11:21 on 04 August 2010
jtorry's Avatar

jtorry@ El-Dev

I've played about 5 matches and haven't scored a goal. It's pretty difficult.
Posted 11:19 on 04 August 2010

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