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The acclaimed football series returns for another season.

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By now you've probably read our PS3 PES 2008 review, in which we slammed the game for its frame rate and slowdown problems. And you've no doubt headed straight to the bottom of this page to see if we've given the Xbox 360 game a higher score. So what do you think? Surprised? Don't be. PES 2008 on the 360 is better than on PS3.

We take no pleasure in this dire situation. In an ideal world, we should be praising both games for their HD sheen, next-generation graphics and extensive online-enabled features. Unfortunately PES 2008 on both systems fails to excel in any of those categories. But at least you can play a smooth-running game of football on the 360.

To be fair, the first thing we did when the PES 2008 on 360 arrived in Pro-G HQ was play a two-player game under the exact same conditions as we did with the PS3 game. So we set up exhibition match between Newcastle and Barcelona at the game's second stadium, the Estadio Da Luzii, with the weather set to rain and the camera fixed in the wide view. Remember, this is in 720p, using a HDMI cable on a 55 inch Sony Bravia TV. The game ran like a freshly picked peach. While we did notice the occasional bit of slowdown it wasn't nearly enough to affect gameplay. We did notice some anisotropic filtering (where a line appears that divides texture quality) but this is only barely visible when the ball moves quickly and over a long distance. Verdict? When the ball is in play the game runs absolutely fine. No need to stick to certain stadiums, turn off the stadium effects or change the camera view - every game we played was smooth enough not to get in the way of the footballing fun.

That's not to say the 360 version is perfect. Like on the PS3, goal replays and entrance scenes are a frame rate purist's worst nightmare. While the crowd fares a little better than the PS3 game, it still looks absurd for a game on a next-gen console. And the player faces are still as hit and miss as ever. On the one hand you have an almost photo-realistic Didier Drogba and Robbie Keane and on the other you have a bemusing likeness of Frank Lampard and Dimitar Berbatov. And just like in the PS3 version, the 360 game's graphics are distinctly average. In a wide view (the view any serious PES player plays in) the game looks poor compared with the same view in FIFA 08. Perversely however, where FIFA's graphics get worse during player close-ups, PES 2008 gets better. Player animations are again superb, with nice additions like players waggling their fingers, throwing their fists about and holding their hands up while challenging an opposing player. Shooting, passing and tackling animations are, as is expected with PES, flawless. But you just can't get away from the feeling that the game looks like last-gen PES with a HD lick of paint.

'The best football game engine the world has ever seen has undergone a few, subtle tweaks, but nothing has been implemented that will fundamentally change the way you play the game.'

PES 2008 feels like the beautiful, classic PES we've all grown to love over the years. The best football game engine the world has ever seen has undergone a few, subtle tweaks, but nothing has been implemented that will fundamentally change the way you play the game. PES fans will instantly feel at home and it'll not take you more than half-an-hour before you're spraying cross-field passes and splitting the opposition's defence in two with killer lofted through balls like a Brazilian master. We've heard a lot about the new Teamvision system, a sophisticated AI that adapts to how you play to stop you running riot. Well we didn't notice the computer adapting to our play style. On the hardest difficulty level, the game is very hard, as you'd expect. But my tried and trusted tactic of playing long balls out to wingers who then cut inside for cool finishes seems to work just as well as it always did. An over-hyped learning AI notwithstanding, it's a definite improvement on last year's disappointing Pro Evolution Soccer 6, that's for sure.

It's harder to tackle. Pressing the dribbler with A gives away fouls more often, and slide tackles need to be absolutely spot on, or you'll get a red card from the totalitarian refs. Players keep hold of the ball much easier, and feel like they carry more weight. It's much easier to go past players now and you can get away from defenders once you've done them like a kipper much easier too. Unlike in the last game, fast players are actually fast. Chelsea's Andrei Shevchenko has super pace, unlike in real life, and is really useful for bursting into the penalty area. Pace is now a much bigger advantage than it was before. In PES 6 players moaned about how overpowered Brazilian and Inter striker Adriano was. Well, in PES 2008 anyone who's half decent is just as lethal.

PS3 gamers have reason to be upset

PS3 gamers have reason to be upset

The engine has also been changed so that the camera view doesn't always change when the ref is giving out a card, or you get fouled and take a quick free kick. This is a lovely touch that ads to the pace and flow of an average match, but one thing that does annoy, however, is having to wait for the ref's whistle before taking free-kicks. It causes unnatural and annoying stops in play, and seems absurd considering the tweaks Konami has implemented to help the game flow.

The keepers have been altered too. In the last game, lots of goals were scored because keepers parried shots into the paths of onrushing attackers, something that drew a lot of complaints from PES's vocal fanbase. It was as if every keeper suffered from a dose of Paul Robinson syndrome. While you'll still be able to score goals in this way, it happens less. Keepers are better shot stoppers too, but will flap a bit on crosses. Keepers in PES 2008 are more Jose Reina than Petr Cech. We have to say it's an improvement.

The commentary is hugely improved. In fact, it's the best ever in a PES game. We've now got John Champion and Mark Lawrenson casting their critical eye on proceedings. Love them or hate them, the commentary is well up with play, with Champion doing a great job of sounding genuinely excited if there's a chance. There's also some insight into the teams, which, while irrelevant, help ad authenticity to the action. Champion will mention that the team has moaned to the press about having two training sessions a day in the build up to the game. Pointless, but nice. I've always turned the commentary off in every PES game I've played, until now.

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how can i get this game to my computer
Posted 10:31 on 14 November 2008
YZ's Avatar
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Man....this Live problem better be fixed up for PES 09 coz ive just about had it. Why buy the game when you can't play real people not a stupid computer? I hope they fix it, otherwise i'll be playing PES 6 for two years running (or three?). Waste of money without proper Live gameplay.
Posted 12:19 on 22 September 2008
Isaac's Avatar
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When i quit on pro evo 6 i lose the game 3-0, however my oppent quits when i am winning and it ends as a draw? any help
Posted 14:16 on 03 September 2008
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the best player in the game does anyone know ?
Posted 02:45 on 28 July 2008
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what a waste of money! I brought the game on the basis of this review....I only ever play pro evo online, cause noone i know likes football. I thought pro evo 6 was a bit poor (what with all the cheating and the lag that came up every few games) but the 2008 version is much worse. no cheating, granted (thus far), but every game is effected by lag- in an even more perverse way. Its simply impossible to defend when players teleport all over the field. I never found scoring goals hard in the last game, in fact it was the challenge that made it interesting! now, i find i'm scoring 7 or 8 times and conceding 7 or 8 goals- with no satisfaction, as i know its purely because of lag. I might buy the 2007 fifa, it sounds better than this years, and is better than pro evo 2008 surely. disapointed. fifa usually sucks- arcade style, but this years pro evo is super retro.
Posted 22:33 on 24 July 2008
hanafy1972's Avatar
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 , Pes 2008
Posted 02:52 on 04 July 2008
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thank you
Posted 00:54 on 17 June 2008
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When you have control of the ball in the oppositions final third, your forwards do not make runs, they just stand there. really is annoying when you can see a gap but yuor player doesn't run into it, to equalise in the last minute of the game!! grrr...
Posted 13:18 on 14 June 2008
ft9elnino's Avatar
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There is one huge problem with pro evo and it has been bugging ever since i played 5,6 and now 8! the keepers!! you can not challenge them when the ball pops up in the box you just stand there and wait until then keeper grags it! totally crap and pisses me off! other than the keepers it is class! keepers are just the let down in pro evo!!
Posted 13:15 on 14 June 2008
saba's Avatar
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i want it
Posted 07:32 on 17 May 2008
antonio Rayo's Avatar
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antonio Rayo

why is there only beginner mode when you play online. i think thats a shame.. anybody can beat anybody like that.
Posted 03:27 on 19 April 2008
messenJah's Avatar
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i am absolutely tourchered, can't wait to play it, just got me xbox 360 and this will only be my second pes game to play, 2006 i have had so much fun with it, then i started hearing reviews how crap it was so i am amazed but to hear this is best, man oh man me cant wait.
Posted 03:43 on 08 April 2008
soccerpro's Avatar
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The A.I. in this game is pathetic... when you have the ball forwards just stand there like idiots.. in fifa 08 players actually make runs and try to get open for passes.. thats one thing i really hate about this game
Posted 06:15 on 20 March 2008
Jonathan's Avatar
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The guy who said ps3 and 360 versions are the same is obviously a moron... or else he's working for sony
Posted 21:46 on 05 March 2008
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*playing (not training)
Posted 15:15 on 26 February 2008

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