Perfect Dark screenshot
Perfect Dark screenshot

Microsoft Game Studios' Ken Lobb has confirmed that next month's Xbox LIVE Arcade release of Perfect Dark will feature maps and weapons from Rare's much-loved GoldenEye.

The original Nintendo 64 release of Perfect Dark featured unlockable GoldenEye-style weapons and recreations of the spy-shooter's Facility, Temple and Complex maps. These bonuses will also be present in the XBLA remake, meaning you'll be able to run around pretending to be a secret agent in 1080p.

Perfect Dark will be released on Xbox LIVE Arcade next month priced 800 MS Points.

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User Comments

South_East_Jedi's Avatar

South_East_Jedi@ Clockpunk

what did you call me???

Posted 12:55 on 19 February 2010
Ghost5's Avatar


This game just got more awesome!
And that was hard to do in the first place
Posted 12:44 on 19 February 2010
Clockpunk's Avatar



Bloody hell. 'Tis a good sop for those of us disappointed at the port of Goldeneye falling through.
Posted 12:39 on 19 February 2010
South_East_Jedi's Avatar


just a little bit cool, would be cooler still if they actually bought GoldenEye to XBLA, many-a-day were spent after school running round facility with twin RCP's shooting the s**t out of my mates!!!
Posted 12:32 on 19 February 2010
Karlius's Avatar


That's very very cool.
Posted 12:02 on 19 February 2010

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