perfect woman -, an online dating service designed for gamers, has created "perfect" woman Lara Lockhart using the body parts of gaming sirens.

Almost 2,000 users of the dating website aged 18-35 were given a list of 10 popular female computer game characters and asked to pick the best attribute from each.

Virtual vixen Lara Lockhark features the fiery hair of Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark, the legs of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, and athletic body of Final Fantasy VII's Tifa Lockhart. Lara's name is a mix of Lara Croft and Tifa Lockhart, and she also has the eyes of Faith Connors from Mirror's Edge and the lips of Rocksteady Studios' Catwoman.

The full list comprised Lara Croft, Chun Li, Tifa Lockhart, Catwoman, Joanna Dark, Faith Conners, Princess Peach, Jill Valentine, Alyx Vance and Asari researcher Liara T'Soni from the Mass Effect trilogy.

Lara Croft picked up 53 per cent for her legs, while Tifa received 45 per cent of the vote for her face and also beat Lara with 38 per cent for her body. Joanna Dark's hair was a hit with 36 per cent of the vote, Catwoman's lips received 33 per cent of the vote, and Faith Conners' eyes caught the attention of 41 per cent of gamers.

Alyx Vance won personality with 31 per cent.

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reynoldio's Avatar


Also interesting that DateGamer choose two women with WiiMotes as their front page pic, that'll get the gamers in
Posted 10:24 on 16 May 2012


They've created a monster :0\
Posted 21:27 on 15 May 2012


Nobody asked for this to happen. If you're going to do a cheap publicity stunt then at least make a good job of the photoshopped 'woman' as a final product.
Posted 17:15 on 15 May 2012

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