NIER screenshot
NIER screenshot

NIER looks interesting. It's a Square Enix RPG with lashings of blood and more swearing than an episode of The Wire. Oh, and it's got a hermaphrodite character. Really. Doesn't sound very Final Fantasy, does it? No. But, like we said, it is interesting, and in this age of sequel-itis, interesting is more than welcome. With a notepad full of questions we hit the phone for a chat with executive producer Yosuke Saito, and discovered that there's more to NIER than blood and guts.

Q: What games have inspired NIER's gameplay?

Yosuke Saito: Both I and the director personally love God of War. We didn't necessarily set off to make an action game with a feel of God of War.

Q: I thought God of War wasn't popular in Japan. What is it about it that you like?

YS: You may be right by saying that God of War was not particularly popular in Japan. But both the director and I adore this game, partly because of the different type of gameplay seen, rather than just the repetition of the same gameplay on and on. For example, if you have to fight against a huge boss, the game design is different. So even though it's an American game, we felt that it caters to the needs of Japanese gamers.

Q: The game's central character, NIER, has been slightly redesigned for the western release of the game. How has he been changed, and why?

YS: When we were still in the developing stages, we had a lot of meetings with our branches in America and Europe, possibly more often than any other project I've been involved in. In those meetings we heard that if the protagonist is quite a slender, more boyish character capable of defeating lots of big monsters one after the other, it would look a bit strange to the eye of the Western gamers. So we designed NIER to make him more buff, more macho, more of a muscular guy.

Q: NIER uses a talking book called Grimoire Weiss. What's its back-story?

YS: Grimoire Weiss is involved in the full story, so if I were to tell you everything about him, maybe that would unlock some of the mysteries about the story itself. NIER, although he's always capable of wielding a sword, initially he's not able to cast any spells. But by turning to Grimoire Weiss and making use of his power, he is able to cast spells. When Grimoire Weiss encounters NIER, he can't remember what his goals are and what he has to do in his life. As Grimoire Weiss manipulates NIER he gradually brings back the memories.

NIER screenshot

Q: NIER is bloody, violent, and contains lots of swearing, which is unusual for a Square Enix game. Why have you taken this approach? Was it to appeal to Western gamers?

YS: We didn't actually mean to specifically appeal to Western gamers by including swearing and bloody themes in game. I've always been under the impression that Japanese games kept themselves back from that sort of quite direct expression. We only implemented these expressions when it was natural to use this theme. Lots of media people have mentioned the foul mouth of Kaine, the female character. But even though she does swear and she does use some quite unwomanly words, if you know the story, eventually you'll find that particular part of her character quite loveable.

Q: When exploring indoor environments, the camera switches to a 2D sidescrolling perspective. What does that bring to the game?

YS: That particular art direction has got a direct connection with the story itself. There is the more realistic modern aspect of the world. On the other hand, the world in which NIER lives is quite fantastic and farfetched. We wanted to accentuate this gap between real, modern scenery and the fantasy world. Why should there be this gap? That will remain a mystery until you find out in the game. We made use of these different types of views to help tell the story.

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Machetazo's Avatar


Thanks for that interview. I always thought that Balthier would have made the ideal lead, for Final Fantasy XII. It has been suggested that once he filled that role, before Square-Enix backpedaled for our "benefit" to Vaan. The game, in the end, actually works to complement their approach, there.
I like all aspects of this game I have seen, apart from "NIER", himself (as presented, and voiced so far).

He comes across (in media shown to date) as brutish, brash, ill-tempered, (unappealing character design) and often out-of-place in the battle sequences and I'm concerned he will fail to sell the story of a father resolutely searching for a cure for his daughter.
In these cases, where they think to localise by altering key aspects of the game, I'd like publishers to think of releasing the original content as a DLC pack, so that if people do disagree with the decision made then it needn't affect their enjoyment of, or decision to buy, the game.
Posted 18:11 on 18 March 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


My interest for this game is slowing accumulating, sort of.
Posted 20:13 on 17 March 2010

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