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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit screenshot
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit screenshot

DreamWorks Studios has acquired the feature film rights to EA's Need for Speed franchise, the two firms announced today.

Brothers George and John Gatins developed the original story with George writing the screenplay.

The screenplay is based on the Need for Speed series, but is not based on an individual game.

EA will produce along with John Gatins and Mark Sourian. Scott Waugh (Act of Valor) is attached to direct, and the project will be fast-tracked at DreamWorks with a target production start date for early next year, for a 2014 release.

The film is described as a fast-paced, rooted in the tradition of the car culture films of the 70s, but remaining faithful to the spirit of the Need for Speed games.

"I'm excited about getting back into the creative trenches with John and George Gatins and my partners at EA to bring to life an exhilarating script based on an epic video game that seems to have been made for the movies," said Steven Spielberg, DreamWorks Chairman. "This is a big piece of business for DreamWorks and we are grateful to Frank Gibeau, Pat O'Brien, Kevin Maher and John and George for choosing us to deliver their goods."

The Need for Speed franchise has sold more than 140 million units worldwide, generating an estimated $4 billion in revenue.

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User Comments

thedanyrand's Avatar


I could go for the Cannonball Run style. I didnt play The Run but wasnt the "story" in that sort of in that style?
Posted 00:36 on 25 June 2012
Wido's Avatar


This can only end badly.
Posted 15:45 on 24 June 2012


Dreamworks make a lot of animated films that are similar to Pixar and Disney. Why don't they just turn it in to their version of Pixar's Cars and have all the cars talking? It would be better than yet another Fast and Furious.

Or...just turn it in to a modern version of Cannonball Run with lots of humour and Jackie Chan.
Posted 10:36 on 24 June 2012
munkee's Avatar


I genuinely believe that a N4S film would benefit from style over content. I don't care for characters, i don't want to see a love interest, or underlying cop drama and I don't think it needs a heavy plot..

Need For Speed: The Movie should be car porn. Loads of great camera work showing off beautifully customised cars, flares bursting off the neons and reflecting off of shiny alloy wheels, loads of slow-mo camera work hovering around smoking tyres and flame bursting exhaust pipes. I wanna see insane bumper to bumper racing action during the day and night. LOUD! Make the engines and exhausts very, very loud. A constant supply of quick edits to rev counters, boost gauges, gear changes, double clutch, mirror views and lane shifts. Don't forget to make the cars go sideways a lot.. People love that. I wanna see the tense moment when the street cars roll into the carpark and the drivers psyche each other out. Bring back speed garage and jungle music. All good races need basslines blowing out the woofers.

In fact, leave the main protagonist hidden behind blacked out windows. I don't even care who he is. All I want to know is that his car is fast and he rarely gets beaten in it. Like those 80's ghost cars.

Show us racing at sunset, racing at night, racing in the boiling midday sun, racing in the wet and in storms.

To summarise, I want lots of roaring customised cars from all over the world and I want to see them racing a lot. Anything else is irrelivent.

Perhaps I should start a Kickstarter.
Posted 10:15 on 24 June 2012
dudester's Avatar

dudester@ guyderman

They except can they really do much else that fast and furious hasn't in 28 zllion films already?
Posted 09:57 on 24 June 2012
Batmamerc's Avatar


Posted 07:23 on 24 June 2012
Batmamerc's Avatar


Posted 07:22 on 24 June 2012
thedanyrand's Avatar


They just bought a name. Iv played a lot of the NFS games and can barely remember any of the stories in them. They can make any generic car chasing movie and put the NFS name in the title and it will work just fine.
Posted 17:35 on 22 June 2012
guyderman's Avatar


If Universal can make a movie out of 'Battleship' I'm sure Dreamworks can make a movie out of NFS!
Posted 15:25 on 22 June 2012
dazzadavie's Avatar


Just when you thought EA might of understood Need for Speed didn't sell as a story driven game they went a did this. Ok this might be ok (it won't) but when do games stop being games.I mean there have been some great NFS games but never did anyone think this would be a good film.
Think Ubi have better games to make into a film, Driver would of be a better choice.
Posted 15:04 on 22 June 2012
munkee's Avatar


I hope Steve McQueen is in it.
Posted 14:46 on 22 June 2012

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