Naruto: The Broken Bond Cheats for Xbox 360

On: Xbox 360
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Cheats & Hints 1

Nine Tails Naruto:
Press X, X, Y, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, X at the character selection screen.

Ninja Cards Location:

In Naruto: The Broken Bond there are 10 Ninja Cards. On retrieval of a card you, and your team, will fight the character of each Card. If you defeat the enemy you get a Scroll that is more powerful then their shop counterparts.

Enemy: Gaara
Location:It's on a building roof, to The Southwest of The East Side Shop in The Remote Forest.
Unlocked Scroll: Sand Shield - Decreases received Combo Damage by 50%.

Enemy: Temari
Location:It's inside The guard tower next to The broken bridge, to The North of The Remote Forest.
Unlocked Scroll: Wind Master - Increases Aerial Damage by 150%.

Enemy: Curse Mark Sasuke
Location:It's in The Octagonal arena in The Southwest of River Crossing.
Unlocked Scroll: Fox - Transform into Demon Fox Naruto when fighting.

Enemy: Orochimaru
Location:It's inside Orochimaru's secret lair in River Crossing.
Unlocked Scroll: Snake Skin - 75% of The Damage you take is taken from your Chakra instead.

Enemy: Sarutobi
Location:It's on top of The Chip Factory in The Temple Ruins. It's on The Left hand side.
Unlocked Scroll: Way of The Third - Increases Jutsu Damage 100%.

Enemy: Tsunade
Location:It's inside a cart at the end of the tracks leading away from The Chip Factory in The Temple Ruins.
Unlocked Scroll: Granny - Your Teammates regenerate health while on The bench.

Enemy: Zabuza
Location:It's on the farthest Island in The East of The Hot Springs.
Unlocked Scroll: Mist - Increases Combo Damage by 100%.

Enemy: Haku
Location:It's on The Northwestern Island in The Hot Springs' Southwest section. Take a Left once you reach an opening past the trees.
Unlocked Scroll: Freezing Kunai - Increases Kunai Damage by 150%.

Enemy: Itachi
Location:On The Northern of the two barge-like boats at The Northeast of The Enemy Camp.
Unlocked Scroll: Rapid Eye - Substitute 40% of attacks automatically.

Enemy: Kisame
Location:On The Left rock in front of the Waterfall, towards the Southeast of The Enemy Camp.
Unlocked Scroll: Shark Skin - Reflect 65% of The damage you take while blocking back to The enemy.

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